STORM: transforming policing 

Empowering effective policing through comprehensive control room technology

STORM is the market-leading Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software trusted by nearly 70% of the UK's police forces and deployed internationally. With an impressive 27-year history and over a decade of unwavering reliability in critical missions, STORM sets the gold standard for emergency response management in terms of reliability, resilience, and efficiency.

  • STORM forces serve nearly 40 million people across the UK
  • Over 25 years’ experience of delivering control room solutions
  • Handling over 6 million calls every year
  • Trusted by over 67% of the UK’s police forces
  • No critical incidents for nearly a decade
  • Zero downtime for upgrades
  • Why STORM?

    Sopra Steria don’t just deliver software; we’re a committed partner that supports police forces through various challenges, including PEEL inspections. Our experienced team know the sector inside out, and work hand-in-hand with agencies, offering guidance, insights, and technical expertise to ensure seamless integration and ongoing success. Our wider Sopra Steria expertise is not just blue light focused, we have extensive experience and Centres of Expertise in Cloud, Consulting and IT Transformational Services.
    Beyond its core features, STORM exceeds expectations by offering additional functionality to address specific business challenges. With outcome-focused initiatives, it provides targeted solutions to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. STORM is the heart of the control room, interfacing with numerous third parties and a large number of other tools. In addition, our RMS Search functionality allows for seamless data transfer and our Stressful Event Monitor prioritises mental health in the control room environment.  

    STORM's functionality and information sharing significantly reduce response times, by allowing police forces to swiftly address emergencies and prioritise both officer and public safety, responding to the public, and ensuring control room operatives have critical information at their fingertips. By assisting optimised resource allocation, STORM plays a pivotal role in safeguarding communities.
    Backed by extensive core capabilities, STORM'S flexibility and adaptability caters to the unique demands of control rooms across diverse settings. Its ability to be configured to reflect existing business process ensures smooth operations and effective emergency response management in any scenario.
    STORM reliably handles public 999 calls, logging incidents, and efficiently allocating the appropriate level of response. When time is of the essence, it ensures that frontline responders have access to the vital information they need to make split-second decisions.

    Discover why STORM has been the trusted choice for policing agencies for nearly three decades

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    Andy Day is elected to techUK’s Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee
    We’re delighted to announce that Andy Day, Director of Business Development for the Public Safety Group at Sopra Steria, has been elected to join techUK’s Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee (JESMC).
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    Prioritising Focus on Mental Health with STORMShield
    STORMShield, a free offering for STORM customers, is aimed at helping supervisors support their teams through the stressors in their daily work. 
    Public Safety
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    Digital Ethics in Policing

    In this research report, we surveyed and interviewed police forces to examine the main needs, concerns, and challenges common across UK policing and how polices forces are experiencing and dealing with them.

    Thought Leadership

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