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Helping organisations to understand their debtors, improve recovery rates, and treat customers fairly throughout the collections process.


We’ve helped many organisations to transform their debt collections efforts. We believe the existing debt collection model used at many organisations is actually the wrong way round.  Why is that?

Low collection rates and non-payment of outstanding debts is usually down to poor data collection methods, a lack of understanding around different debtor personas or simply too much focus on chasing debt at the litigation and enforcement stage.



Sopra Steria has been awarded a place on Crown Commercial Service's Debt Resolution Services framework

Within the framework, Sopra Steria will bring the advantages of emerging technology to the forefront of government debt collection. The solution will enable government departments to better assess the citizen or business situations when recovering monies owed. It can help debt collectors make a fair assessment on the affordability and vulnerability for each individual and business, to ensure a suitable debt collection process is put in place.

As part of the newly created Debt Resolution Services framework and having secured accreditation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Sopra Steria will work with the government to revolutionise the debt collection process, with a strong focus on treating customers fairly and providing better customer outcomes.

Our approach to debt management

At Sopra Steria we’ve designed a Debt Management approach which takes into account the need for timely collection, as well as the debtor’s needs at each stage of the lifecycle. We can help you to develop the right collections approach so that your organisation can benefit from:


Enhanced analytics

We use data and analytics to help you to identify risk profiles throughout the debtor relationship, enabling you to tailor your intervention approaches for different debtor groups.


Strategic advice and guidance

Our teams work with you to understand where digital transformation can help improve debt management processes, and enable you to access commercial models to resolve debt earlier in the lifecycle.


Improved early-stage debt recovery rates

Working together to make sure your debt management processes are aligned to industry standards and that automated processes are in place to maximise recovery before delinquency status is reached.


Better late-stage debt recovery outcomes

Through either our in-house Debt Collection Service or our fully managed service provision, we can help you put in place tailored repayment programmes through digital channels, while providing debtors with educational materials and support channels.


Avoid costly litigation and enforcement action

By working with FCA-authorised industry experts, we can help you to offer final opportunities to pay, providing debtors with services designed to meet their diverse needs, making repayments easier.


A service based on firm ethical principles and a commitment to supporting vulnerable people

Our business model is focused on using data to better understand debtors’ situations, offering tailored repayment plans, and minimising late-stage debt recovery wherever possible. Our ethical principles define everything we do, including our work to better serve vulnerable individuals.

We provide Debt Management services to the following sectors:

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