Securing collaboration in Defence

In an age where the threat from hostile actors has never been greater, keeping data safe is non-negotiable. 

That's why Sopra Steria is bringing BLUEJAYSecureCollaboration to market.

BLUEJAYSecureCollaboration is a secure collaborative working environment that delivers all the necessary tools to share classified information between government and industry partners with integrity and assurance. Created by Sopra Steria, an independent expert in the field, BLUEJAYSecureCollaboration provides the reassurance of a trusted and impartial approach.

The current market

Major Defence platforms and programmes require high levels of collaboration. But providing this level of communication without exposure to risk is challenging. The volume of secure information being circulated, multinational boundaries and crosspartner collaboration, make secure data exchanges between government, industry and international partners difficult. Point solutions and tactical workarounds have typically been used to overcome these challenges but the increasing demand for digital engineering is driving new and complex requirements that are increasingly more difficult to achieve. This risks alternative practices that slow the information exchange process or expose information to increased risk.

Industry challenges

The collaboration challenges and risk seen in the defence industry largely fall within two areas.

1. National Security

  • Protection of sensitive information relating to major combat platforms
  • Securing information within multinational programmes
  • Preventing hostile actors gaining the advantage from compromised information

2. Intellectual Property (IP)

  • IP protection is highly valuable to industry partners and must be controlled
  • Industry needs to be confident that a robust process is in place to share information
  • IP is valuable and must be securely stored, managed and backed up


BLUEJAY SecureCollaboration provides security and collaboration that government and industry can trust allowing them to connect with confidence.

A high-performing private cloud provides scalable, secret access to all global users while meeting stringent security and data access requirements.
Community environments provide highly secure user access from a single device.
Secure remote access to BLUEJAYSecureCollaboration, in the UK and overseas, via the provision of mobile and fixed devices over a Bearer of Opportunity (BoO).
The ability to integrate into partners’ secure networks, plus gateway services for email and unified communications.
Proactive security through industry-leading monitoring tools, including SIEM detection, vulnerability.
A full suite of developing collaboration tools including standard office tools, voice, video, messaging, whiteboarding, document storage, IP management and IMPEX.
Our self-service CSM model provides a clear and open approach for defence, industry and government users, with flexible user-based charging. 

Enhancing the National Security mission through diversity, thought leadership and delivery of digital solutions

Our people are values driven, who build relationships and solutions in support of the UK’s National Security effort. We recognise talent comes from different backgrounds, and we encourage our talent to flourish by creating an environment that rewards curiosity, innovation, collaboration, and risk taking. Through the delivery of digital technologies, enterprise services, and transformational change, our solutions are created for the protection of the UK.

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