Transforming the sustainability of your business.

Our aim is to make a real difference. We welcome the challenge of our clients’ sustainability goals, and work closely with them in delivering services that ensure the long-term success of their businesses

The pressures on sustainability change with the world. This means that we must anticipate the effects of what we deliver on future generations, as well as consider its effects on current ones.

Our strength is in our expertise. We go beyond reducing the environmental impact of a company to integrating all aspects of sustainability into our services to you – from engaging employees to supporting local communities.

In Sustainable Service Delivery, we integrate sustainability in the delivery of our services to impact your business positively. We monitor, manage and improve your performance in sustainability as part of day-to-day operations – and we’ll challenge you to think differently, while pushing our own levels of innovation, to ensure we’re always at the cutting edge.

Our achievements and awards set us apart from our competitors. We have a dedicated team of specialist sustainability consultants ready to accompany you on your business’s journey to a sustainable future.

Our services

Setting sustainability strategy

  • Sustainability as a business advantage

  • Sustainability strategy and UN sustainable development goals

  • Sustainability gap analysis

Managing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Carbon footprint baselining services

  • Setting science-based targets

  • Emissions reduction project services

  • Carbon neutral and ‘net-zero’ services

Managing organisational sustainability

  • Engaging employees in sustainability

  • Environment management systems and standards

  • Conforming to legislation and going beyond

  • Engaging and benchmarking suppliers

  • Managing external stakeholders

Sopra Steria’s sustainability and social value programme in Harrow is a demonstration of their genuine commitment to having a positive impact through their business and to helping us achieve our own social value objectives.  It has been a high note in our relationship.

Director of Customer Services and Business Transformation, Harrow Council


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