We support our planet by innovating to protect the environment

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

At Sopra Steria we believe the world is how we shape it and we harness the power of innovation to drive positive change in business and society. Our services only matter if they work for people, our planet and if they serve a greater purpose.

We have transformed the way we work to ensure everyone in the company plays their part in supporting a healthier planet. Where people can breathe clean air, the planet’s natural resources are conserved, and future generations can be protected from suffering the worst effects of climate change.

Digital sustainability has a key role to play in the transition to net zero

Digital transformation plays a key role in enabling organisations to realise positive sustainable outcomes. At the same time the IT sector has its own footprint. We’re committed to fighting climate change by reducing the environmental impact of our own operations.

We see our role in helping our clients on their journey towards net zero by building and deploying our digital services in an environmentally sustainable way.

To learn more see our Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plan.

Your trusted sustainable digital transformation partner

We’ve been on our environmental journey since 2011. Since then, we have been recognised for taking leading action to address climate change and wider sustainability issues. Please take a look at our leadership credentials.

Emissions related to our office use, data centres and business travel are climate neutral.

We’ve pledged to become net zero for our operations and entire value chain by 2040 with our near and long-term net zero targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

We have a Steering Board which has a remit to facilitate our UK vision and ensure that the key pillars of sustainability are embedded into our internal operations as well and in delivering sustainable services to our customers.

The Board is chaired by John Neilson our UK CEO. So, our commitments and responsibility around sustainability are supported and managed at the most senior level.

Positive Outcomes at a glance

As part of our Future of Work Plan, we have been reviewing our Property Strategy and looking at how we can use our offices smarter and make sure they suit our future needs.

Following the review, we decided to invest in our Hemel Hempstead office, remodeling it into a more collaborative, comfortable and well-equipped space, where we can all connect and have the freedom to work how we want. Our new look Hemel office continues to give us all the opportunity to deliver excellence to our customers by generating an sustainable and positive working environment.

Infographic showing Hemel Hempstead Office Environmental Facts, This site purchases 100% renewable electricity, Single use plastics eliminated in canteen through compostable packaging, Our environmental management system is ISO 14001

Facts about the refurbishment

Hemel Hempstead Office Environmental Facts. Office refurbishment 100% timber sourced responsibly, 569 items of furniture diverted away from landfill, 96% of waste generated from the refurb was recycled.