Driving change and achieving outstanding results

Organisations must adapt to meet the needs of today’s highly demanding and digitally savvy customers.  Tight budgets, ambitious targets and continual digital innovations are piling on the pressure to succeed.  But all too often consultancy led projects fail to deliver on their promises and end up costing considerable time, money and effort for little result.   

What’s needed is a fresh consultancy approach that helps business leaders to re-imagine services, accelerate change and deliver outstanding results. 

And that’s where Sopra Steria adds value

Challenging the status quo

We think ‘outside the box’ to shape and deliver strategies that accelerate performance and profits.  We challenge existing ways of working, combining fresh thinking and insight to design intelligent and innovative consulting solutions that deliver lasting value.

Shaping innovative strategies   

What makes us so different is our people.  Our diverse and talented team of consultants have rich real time skills, experience and capability across multiple sectors and know what works (and what doesn’t).

We bring insight and thought leadership to shape strategies and design flexible, highly robust solutions that deliver outstanding results

Delivering outstanding results

We draw on our 50-year experience of complex solution delivery to recommend pragmatic strategies that link results directly to business goals.  This ability to span both consulting and delivery means that we design and implement highly complex solutions, taking responsibility for outcomes and ensuring we deliver on our promises. 

We work at pace to design pioneering customer centric solutions using innovative commercial models that drive change and achieve results with a rapid ROI

Focusing on the future

We’re forward thinking, incorporating new and exciting ways of working into all our strategies.  We constantly monitor disruptive new technologies in the market to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.

And as we’re part of wider international group, we’re linked into to some of the most innovative and intelligent thinking across the globe so we’re always at the forefront of the very latest developments.


To find out how our consultancy led approach can help you drive sustainable change and achieve outstanding results, get in touch on +44 (0) 370 600 4466


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