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Freeing up resources to redeploy to front-line services

The public sector is facing unheralded change and opportunity

There are many new ways to reach and serve the citizen enabling unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The guardians of taxpayers' revenues are charged to ensure the impact on the public services is maximised – more on front-line services, less on back office.

Governments across Europe have faced unprecedented fiscal and economic pressures, and while many have reduced their deficit and debt, pressure remains to make further savings. In particular, they are looking to ensure front-line services are improved and the transparency of reporting increased. For more than 40 years, as a leading provider of business process services to the public sector, Sopra Steria has supported and enabled public sector organisations to transform their delivery and reporting, freeing staff and funds to be directed to the front-line. For example, today:

  • our joint venture with the Department of Health, NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), delivers a range of shared services including finance and accounting, employment services and commercial procurement services. It also delivers primary healthcare services, including call/recall for screening, verification checks of GPs (family doctors), payments to pharmacists, opticians and dentists
  • our joint venture with the Cabinet Office, Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) is building a single shared platform to support government business services. The initial services, which will grow, include human resources, payroll and expenses, finance and accounting, procurement and security vetting services supporting around 30 government agencies and departments. Any central, regional or local government organisation - for example, police forces - can chose to join SSCL and benefit from services being delivered to more than 240,000 people
  • we deliver several specific government business process services, including passport application processing (and payments), police services (including answering 999 calls, handling secure back office and operational services), and revenues and benefits services in local authorities

Because public services are unique in range, impact and in their geographically-dispersed delivery, Sopra Steria designs unique solutions to help public sector organisations gain significant benefits from business process services. We follow a step-wise methodology to assess current state of processes: looking at simplification, standardisation, centralisation, automation and - where possible - virtualisation.

We focus on aligning core processes around citizens, and work with you to design new operating models that optimise technology and take account of risk, data security and local needs. We eliminate duplicate activities by bringing them together virtually and often physically, sometimes sharing facilities, infrastructure, platform and certainly sharing best practice and service governance. 

We recognise that some public services can make major cost savings by leveraging offshore delivery. In other cases we invest in placing local teams within a client to deliver close to the community and benefit from experience and know-how. We industrialise the operation, through investing in technology and in people, motivating to improve performance. We have all the relevant security accreditations to give assurance and are trusted by our clients to handle the most sensitive of data. Sopra Steria delivers innovative commercial approaches to align needs, from gain-share to joint ventures.

We deliver across the value chain, with a special focus on complex work, exceptions requiring judgement and sensitivity. Analytics results are helping nudge teams to better performance, while identifying huge opportunities to be more effective by moving up the bar on performance.

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