Customer service

A trusted partner for service excellence, whatever
the needs of your customers

You put your customers at the heart of everything you do, but your customers are changing

Customers want to interact with you and they have higher demands of your service quality, responsiveness and corporate responsibility than ever before. Social media gives your customers a potent voice which can help you catalyse change or threaten your reputation in hours. And you also have to consider people who are not connected on the internet, those who are vulnerable or who simply crave a friendly voice.

Today, businesses not only have to open and manage more channels of communication for their customers, but also be prepared to adapt their operating model quickly and often to match the moving expectations of their market. However there could be a simpler and more efficient way to meet these expectations.

The starting point

Customer experience is often fragmented across front and back office, with teams using multiple databases, systems and tools, making it difficult to deliver a seamless end-to-end service. Accessing and updating a common and real-time customer database can help give a unified view across processes, whether they are managed internally or externally, and allow a consistent yet personalised experience for customers.

Sopra Steria’s approach is to look at the outcome(s) you seek to achieve, and collaboratively plan out the journey required to help you reach your objectives from where you are today. We identify the root-cause of problems and the blockers of customer value. We redefine your channel strategy with you and help you reduce contacts when customer needs can be managed pro-actively or reasons for complaints can be eradicated. Indeed, the need for customer service is often driven because of a failure in the business – for example: incorrect or poorly laid out bills, or provision of sub-standard goods or services, or failure of self-service channels. Even when individual process or service components seem to work well, poor organisation can reduce their effect and lower customers’ perceptions. Customer service is there to record, comprehend, investigate, rectify and feedback on such situations, speedily and effectively.

A trusted partner for service excellence, whatever the needs of your customers

Sopra Steria delivers a wide range of high-end business process services (BPS) focussed on serving customers and citizens across multiple industries and in the public sector. From billing query resolution to handling 999 (emergency) situations when lives are in immediate danger, our teams demonstrate empathy and professionalism thus ensuring customer perception of your brand is high.

Our agents use STORM - our command and control system - to coordinate the response across agencies, appraise the situation quickly and determine appropriate resolution. We pride ourselves in handling complex contacts, whether we interact with creative media stars with royalty queries, deal with irate members of the public over council refuse collections, handle requests for prison visits, or manage vulnerable callers.

We also work in a number of revenue protection and collection areas. We put in place strategies to handle debt, from “forgot to pay” to “can’t pay” - where we put “treating the customer fairly” at the heart of our approach, to “won’t pay” - where we seek to expedite the soft collection processes.

Our onshore and offshore teams are trained to understand customers, and their specific needs. We deliver across all channels from face-to-face, in/outbound voice calls, letters, emails, web forms and chat.

With the basics working, architecting and mining the data using historic and predictive analytics can provide customer intelligence that can unlock significant value.

Harvesting and translating data to ensure services are always relevant and excellent

Placing some of the services you deliver to your customers in the hands of our teams doesn't mean you lose control over the understanding of your market. On the contrary, we can help you make sense of the data that is collated as we manage and close customer queries, and translate this data into insights. These can support a continuous improvement programme to leverage the learning gleaned when engaging with customers, feeding ideas to improve the service, your products, the perception of your brand.

Our Enterprise Information management teams, armed with their tool kit of specialist applications, data expertise and our customer information lab, have the keys to unlock significant business value from the customer intelligence held in data.

If you would like to discuss the challenges you may have with any aspect of your customer service function, please contact us.

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