Omon Fagbamigbe

Data Consulting Manager

She has over 14 years’ experience delivering end-to-end digital transformation programmes, change management, customer experience management, data analytics, business intelligence and insights; across various industries including Government, Transport, Retail, Oil and Gas, and Public Health. Omon is passionate about data and technologies using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and metaverse. She has a transformational vision combined with a change-oriented attitude informed by data and enabled by technology to aid businesses in making smart and innovative decisions that offer them a competitive advantage. She is currently undertaking doctoral studies on the impact of technologies on consumer behaviour and how organizations can leverage these technologies to improve customer retention and promote customer loyalty. She has co-authored 4 publications in health data analytics.

Latest Publication

Latest Publications

Unlocking the Future: The transformative role of Augmented Reality in public safety

| Omon Fagbamigbe

Augmented Reality has potential to support across numerous sectors. Find out how it could be transformative within public safety.

Embracing AI: a step forward for Diversity and Inclusion

| Omon Fagbamigbe

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a critical role for organisations in the Diversity and Inclusion space. Read more on how AI is helping us move forward towards a more inclusive future.

Data - a strategic asset

| Omon Fagbamigbe

Data is one of the most untapped and valuable assets that organisations are sitting on. Data exists all around us. But what does this mean for businesses? And what actions do organisations need to take to truly understand data as a strategic asset?