Dr Kevin Macnish

Head of Ethics and Sustainability Consulting

Kevin is Head of Ethics and Sustainability Consulting at Sopra Steria. He has led  numerous projects with financial services, government agencies and devolved governments in digital ethics and sustainability. Prior to joining Sopra Steria, Kevin had 12 years’ experience as an academic and consultant in digital ethics and was a lead contributor to the EU SHERPA project on the ethics and human rights implications of AI. Kevin has published over 50 academic articles, chapters and books in ethics and technology.

Latest Publication

Latest Publications

Exploring the trust divide in our latest research

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Access via digital technology is rising, but to have a good experience online you need to trust the service you are using. Read more about the results of our latest Digital Ethics Outlook.

Pick me! The importance of ethics by design in procurement

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Failing to consider ethics in the procurement process is a recipe for disaster, leaving companies at risk of reputational harm or even negligence. In this blog, we discuss the importance of of ethics by design in procurement. 

Digital Ethics and Policing: A way to re-build trust

| David Rose, Dr Kevin Macnish

Digital technology plays a central role in policing in the UK. It has the potential to revolutionise policing and drive improvements across the force, leading to better outcomes for citizens and resulting in increased levels of trust in the police.

Government Technology, Ethics and Sustainability

| Dr Kevin Macnish

When governments speak of sustainability, they should be considering not just low-carbon futures but also sustainable, and therefore ethical, technology.

Government Technology, Ethics and Innovation

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Technological innovation can benefit society, but only with the correct guardrails in place, and those regulatory guardrails must walk a fine line. Too lax and harms arise. Too stringent and beneficial innovation is stifled. 

How trusted digital twins can unlock the UK’s sustainability efforts

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Virtual replicas of real-world assets can play a significant part in achieving the country’s net-zero ambitions. But this won’t happen without the willing involvement of the public.

Ethics in technology - a public expectation

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Technology is often used for good, to make life better and easier. However, without the careful consideration of ethics, technology can be discriminatory, exploitative and violate privacy. It's crucial we take the time to seek and understand public expectations and values when it comes to technology. 

Digital twin adoption: success lies in understanding the ethics

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Digital twin project managers must be aware of the ethical challenges, or risk failure and reputational damage. Here are some of the considerations around the ethics of digital twins, building on the Gemini Principles.