Open source

Delivering vendor-independent and tailored
open source solutions across Europe

Open Source Software (OSS) and Open Standards are now a norm in business. Many organisations, including the Government, are using them in all elements of business solutions alongside more standard proprietary software. Sopra Steria has extensive expertise in OSS solutions and delivering to Open Standards across diverse sectors including defence, the public sector, transportation, telecoms and media, retail, utilities, banking and energy. As our overall philosophy is to use the best component at the best price, we build blended solutions depending on the context and environment.

We also take into consideration the maturity of the OSS components and ability of the Open Source supporting organisations to continue developing and supporting their products, this includes small niche OSS components where appropriate. Sopra Steria is able to seamlessly integrate open source components into an existing system.

Our experience

Our understanding of the power of Open Standards and Open Source led to us taking an early decision to extend the more typical use of OSS from non-critical systems to critical systems. For many years our OSS solutions have embraced four types of activity:

  • Development and integration of solutions: ranging from the simple application server to service oriented architecture
  • Migration from proprietary technologies to Open Source: with application servers, databases, desktop environments
  • Support of Open Source components: integrated (or not) with proprietary components
  • Technical and organisational consulting: such as enterprise architecture to perform technical audits, performance reviews, architectural design or assessment of application value and fit to business goals

We are also vendor independent, with a track record of delivering enterprise Open Source solutions across Europe. We can offer a range of specialist Open Source services including:

  • Consultancy – to help you identify the viable opportunities for Open Source in your organisation as well as create the capability and processes to capitalise on these
  • Solution Delivery – solution replacement and migration, integration and custom development services
  • Support Services – that provide expert skills or outsourced management to supplement your organisation's skills and capabilities
  • Giving back – we strive to work with customers to enhance Open Source products yet return them to the OSS community to allow others to benefit