SmartSTORM provides effective Contact Management environment

Durham Constabulary is taking advantage of SmartSTORM to provide them with an even more effective contact Management environment.

  With innovation at its heart SmartSTORM offers new functionality which is enabling Forces to provide:

  • Enhanced response to the public
  • Improved information access and decision making
  • Better demand management

The force, a long standing STORM Command and Control user, has worked collaboratively with Sopra Steria to implement the latest version of the product. So what are Durham Constabulary finding different about SmartSTORM?

Enhanced response to the public Sean Swinton, Contact Handler and Dispatcher is impressed with the new fresher look and the ability to customise and setup SmartSTORM exactly how you want to use it. “It just gives a better impression to the customer. When they are ringing up, we don’t want to keep people on the line unnecessarily for lengths of time. We need to get their information, as quickly as possible and the software just allows us go through each step, put the details in, of who the caller is, moving on to the next section, type of incident and so on.”

  Multi-functionality – improved information access and decision making SmartSTORM allows Durham’s Control Room staff to have a number of call cards open at the same time. Sean describes the benefit of this, “As a dispatcher, when you’ve got twenty-thirty live incidents that tie together, and as a call handler it also comes in when you’re taking a report of a crime, while they are reciting what is happening, you can bring up those past incidents and you can have two or three previously closed incidents in front of you while are putting the new incident on and you can get that information from previous jobs.”


SmartSTORM and SmartDiary - better demand management

  Catherine James, Head of Force Control Room, believes the diary module is very effective for enabling the force to manage demand. “Calls that don’t need an immediate response go across to a diary appointment system and we agree a time with the caller and we will attend based upon their availability and ours. We’re running 27 diaries, for example Response Policing and Neighbourhood Policing Teams, and it just gives us another element of how we can manage demand.”

Transitioning to SmartSTORM

Durham Constabulary have worked collaboratively with Sopra Steria to implement the new SmartSTORM software. Both organisations have committed to a joint, closely integrated team to ensure a successful outcome for the project.

Client view

“We’ve had really good support from Sopra Steria in allowing us to have SmartSTORM do what we want, in the way that we want it. Yes, I would recommend it to other forces.” Catherine James, Head of Force Control Room Durham Constabulary.