Onboard IT systems with avionics and simulation products


 Airbus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, awarded a 3-year contract to Sopra Steria for the development of the electric flight control secondary computer for the A380.

Sopra Steria tasks

At the end of 2001, Sopra Steria was entrusted with the development of the electric flight control secondary computer for the A380.

Since that time, the Avionics and Simulation Products Department has extended the scope of activity and the level of responsibility of Sopra Steria onboard IT experts.

Extended scope of activity for critical applications

Sopra Steria supplies computers for the various Airbus aircraft programmes of the highest possible standard of reliability and robustness. Sopra Steria handles:

  • The development of flight control computers for the A350 and the maintenance of flight control software for 6 aircraft programmes, including the A380
  • The development and maintenance of automatic code generators for all aircraft programmes
  • Development of the A400M alarm management computer
  • Development and maintenance of part of the simulation development workshops and tools and all onboard software development workshops and tools
  • The integration of «non-critical» applications for the A350 (ground maintenance computer, passenger internet access etc.)

A higher level of responsibility

In early 2009, part of the scope of activity was shifted to a global outsourcing basis. Sopra Steria is therefore entirely responsible for the development of computers from the specification phase to the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) certification phase.

Our view

"In addition to structuring certification constraints, onboard IT includes reliability and performance requirements callingfor full expertise over the processes and technology implemented.

Onboard software occupies an ever-increasing place in daily life and is an eminently buoyant sector. Sopra Steria teams take particular pride in the support and assistance they have provided to AIRBUS in this sector for close to 10 years now, with increased loyalty."
STIE (Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Onboard) Manager, Sopra Steria