New master data management solution increases speed-to-market and provides trusted financial information

Mitchells & Butlers

Turning data into a strategic asset

  New master data management solution increases speed- to-market and provides trusted financial information. Transforming master data management with a solution that increases profit margins by improving data quality and transparency across customer touch points.


Challenge summary

Mitchells & Butlers sought a partner to support its data transformation journey with a new master data management system and improved data architecture.

Mitchells & Butlers is a leading UK operator of managed pubs, bars and restaurants. It has almost 1,600 outlets trading under 13 different brands. These include Harvester, O’Neill’s, Brown’s and All Bar One.

In a highly competitive business sector, speed to market with new products and services is a vital differentiator. But with so many different outlets and brands within its portfolio and more than 80,000 items on offer to customers, the company lacked visibility of its enterprise-wide data.

Disparate systems and complex, highly manual data management processes limited its ability to react quickly to problems and consistently roll out new menus and more than 100 range changes a year.

Mitchells & Butlers recognised that it needed a central data management strategy. This would give it the visibility it needed to measure data quality and a framework for change leading to the implementation of a new system and data management processes.

Key points

  • End-to-end data transformation journey from discovery and mapping to system implementation
  • Common data model designed and implemented
  • Legacy system replaced and data migrated

Our solution

Sopra Steria has a proven approach and range of tools for helping clients manage data efficiently and cost effectively. Mitchells & Butlers first approached us to perform a data discovery exercise as it sought to better manage the process of buying ingredients. This would allow the development of food and drink offerings targeted at specific brands and demographics. Our solution has since been extended, and today’s trusted data partnership has delivered the following:

  • Data Discovery Dashboard™ (DDD)
  • Data landscape mapping and the design of a common data model and product data dictionary
  • Vendor selection for a new MDM system
  • Technical implementation and technical architecture re-design
  • Legacy replacement and data migration services
  • Post go-live and ongoing data quality services

How we worked together

Initially brought in to perform a data audit, we have since become a trusted data partner. Our Data Discovery Dashboard is a pre-defined approach to discovering where source data resides. Its tools and techniques helped Mitchells & Butlers measure data quality and the impact this was having on its current and future business capabilities.

From this initial engagement, it became clear that we had a lot more to offer Mitchells & Butlers. Our Enterprise Data Management specialists carried out a data landscape mapping exercise providing a big picture of the data. A joint steering committee then took responsibility for the continuing transformation of the company’s data strategy.

With a new MDM software solution identified as a key enabler, our highly vendor-agnostic methodology and viewpoint guided an in-depth technology evaluation and selection process. We led the technical implementation of the Stibo Systems’ STEP product MDM platform and successfully migrated data from the legacy system to the new platform.

Collaborative team-working ensured the MDM data model was wholly aligned with end-user requirements. For example, Mitchells & Butlers wanted to use it to manage the process of buying ingredients, allowing development chefs to design food and drink offerings, build recipes and create compelling menus targeted at specific brands and demographics.

Results and benefits

Mitchells & Butlers has a new vision for what it can achieve with its data. Among the many benefits accruing to the business are:

  • Improved profit margins due to accurate product information and streamlined processes for the consistent and rapid rollout of new menu items
  • Efficient product data management and automatic dissemination of information to the appropriate operational systems for a faster-speed-to-market
  • Efficiency gains as a result of significantly reduced manual data input and error, with numerous spreadsheets previously used for menu development being discontinued
  • Trusted financial data with processes, procedures and controls in place for gathering and reporting information on every outlet in the company
  • Immediate tracking of menu items by outlet enables a rapid and fine-tuned response to any health, safety or product quality issues

Sopra Steria continues to work with Mitchells & Butlers to deliver the huge value of transformed data quality. This quality will help to future-proof the company as it plans the roll out of a new electronic point of sale system. Up-to-date, consistent and accurate data will also play a vital role in the company’s development of a compelling new web presence.

Client view

"With Sopra Steria’s support we now have a data management solution that helps us increase profit margins, improves data quality and provides transparency."
Alison Vasey Head of Business Change Mitchells & Butlers