Ensuring reliability, interoperability and performance of military communication and information systems

Ministry of Defence

Managing the MOD’s strategically important test and reference facility to ensure the efficacy of military communication and information systems throughout their lifecycle, but especially in direct support of operations.

Challenge summary

The UK Ministry of Defence needs to guarantee the reliability, interoperability and performance of communication and information systems deployed in geographically and operationally diverse locations. Its Land Systems Reference Centre (LSRC) based at Blandford in Dorset must stay with the communications technology curve as it tests and holds as references the systems that are enabling military operations across the globe.


In undertaking the role of prime contractor managing the LSRC, we are demonstrating exceptional relationship management capabilities and the ability to work in partnership with subcontractors and clients to keep communication channels simple, clear and direct.

The British Army is the LSRC’s highest priority client but by no means the only one. The UK defence industry is also a major user of the facility, making use of the services to help speed up and de-risk the delivery of new operational systems.
Under our leadership the LSRC has:

  • helped reduce development and deployment risks, improved efficiencies and ultimately increased performance of new and emerging communication information systems
  • delivered a scalable testing environments in response to the rapidly changing communication information environment, including network infrastructure developments
  • increased productivity with the amount of concurrent testing projects exceeding client expectations
  • managed the growing complexity of testing in an increasingly networked and joint operational environment
  • enabled ‘excellence across boundaries’ through total cooperation with sub contractors and client companies to achieve value
  • reduced MOD cost through the reduction of operational and development risk