Digitising the Employee Experience

 A workplace transformation taking HR services towards a digitally-enabled model that enhances the employee experience with consumer-like engagement, process automation and digital channels.

Key points 

  • Digital roadmap jointly developed to bring a radical change to HR services delivery
  • Introduction of Robotic Process Automation in areas such as HR administration and production of management information/reporting
  • Piloting a personalised mobile app designed to enhance the employee experience and increase engagement by driving a true self-service mode.

The challenge  

Our Client is a leading UK leisure travel company. Its HR operation is transforming the way it provides services to employees in diverse locations. These include contact centre teams, and both retail and resort-based employees, many of whom do not work a 9-5 day in what is a 24/7 industry. 

The company has embarked on an HR transformation programme that aims to bring about a large uplift in the use of digital technologies and how they are used to engage with employees. In today’s increasingly consumerised workplace environment, a focus on employee experience is pivotal to business success and the ultimate aim of the company’s HR transformation is to provide a fully digitalised employee experience. 

With the introduction of digitally enabled and integrated HR services for employees, our Client sought to reduce manual effort, divert human effort to more value-add services and operations, improve self-service functionality, and enable HR operations to operate in a leaner, more productive fashion. 

Our solution

Sopra Steria has been managing HR services for the company since 2013. These include Recruitment, On-boarding, HR Administration, Advice and Guidance, Organisation Management, Learning & Development and Management Information Analytics. A continuous improvement framework has enabled Sopra Steria to propose incremental innovations over the years, including several digital initiatives in the areas of mobility and workflow tools.

As a leader in digital transformation, Sopra Steria is ideally placed to take the company’s HR transformation forward. A new three-year contract signed in April 2018 has accelerated this digital transformation journey, with Sopra Steria proposing to re-design, automate and digitise key business and HR processes. 
Our solution is already modernising  the workplace, updating management practices and introducing smart, analytic systems and simplified, automated processes and employee services. 

Key components of the solution include:

  • Integrating extensive use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and chatbots to automate HR activities within existing services 
  • Delivery of a mobile app (currently on trial) to handle employee queries
  • An AI chatbot (currently under development) to provide employees with instant responses around HR and payroll-related queries

Combined, the above will create an end-to-end solution that makes the company’s HR function much easier and seamless for all employees to engage with.

How we work together

Already a ‘trusted partner’ to the travel operator, Sopra Steria defined a vision for the company’s employee engagement built on a jointly developed digital roadmap. This is already beginning to deliver radical change to the way in which HR and Payroll operate. It rests on a number of ‘channel shift’ elements, moving HR and employees away from physical engagement channels to new digital channels and automated approaches.

  • Robotic process automation – already cutting the time spent in areas such as HR administration and the production of management information/reporting
  • AI Chatbot – currently being developed to play a pivotal role in converging different technologies. It will provide instant responses around HR and payroll-related queries, enhancing the employee experience and freeing up valuable HR time to support the business and its customers
  • Mobility – a personalised mobile application is currently in the trial phase. This will enhance the employee experience, while supporting business delivery by providing a targeted medium that allows employees to take ownership, drive true self-service and experience a ‘consumerised’ approach to HR.

Results and benefits 

Through implementation of RPA alone, the travel operator has already reduced the time and effort spent on non-employee facing activities. This has freed up HR professionals to focus on adding greater value, for example by handling more complex employee needs. Sopra Steria’s use of 2 bots in its offshore delivery centre has led to a saving of 6 full-time equivalent (FTE) resources. With a plan to implement a further 3 bots across the service in the next year, this saving will rise to 15 FTEs, significantly reducing salary costs. Further, the process-driven bots leave no room for human error, improving both quality and assurance.

Looking ahead, as Sopra Steria rolls out more components of the digital roadmap, the travel operator will benefit from: 

  • The ability for employees to easily interact with HR via their channel of choice, driving a superior employee experience
  • All employees will be treated as individuals and receive a consistent HR service
    Geographically disparate workforce (particularly in the retail environment) will feel more connected through mobile applications and easy, anytime access
  • HR can continue to proactively provide the business with relevant information and guide it in support of strategic goals
  • An environment that allows rapid deployment of new tools, ways of working and new business models to support ongoing competitiveness 
  • Delivery of positive business outcomes by supporting a decrease in attrition rates, increase in productivity levels and employee engagement, whilst improving the bottom-line.