Digiposte: an innovative service

La Poste

 Sopra Steria is proud to work on Digiposte, the online secure platform launched by La Poste, the French Postal Service. Digiposte is an all-purpose online service: receive and store payslips, bank statements, bills; submit an insurance claim along with supporting documentation; charge or pay in one single click, and much more.

La Poste is the second largest postal service operator in Europe for land mail items. In France, La Poste provides hosted services to 2 million customers each day, by way of an extensive range of 17,000 local post offices.

Context and background

In 2008, La Poste observed a continual structural drop in its historical business segment. And indeed, competition from the Internet, as well as privatization, both pointed to a significant decline in the quantity of mail that would be processed by La Poste between now and 2015.

Thus, it was essential to identify growth opportunities elsewhere. La Poste decided to focus on the digital economy.

Sopra Steria’s advantages include expert consultancy skills in information technology, dematerialization of information exchanges, and knowledge of the emerging market of electronic safes. And indeed, these advantages played a major role during the initial study of the nascent Digiposte service, representing a strategic reorientation of the La Poste Courrier to the digital economy.

Sopra Steria’s assignment

  • In 2008, La Poste entrusted Sopra Steria with the following consultancy assignment:
  • review opportunities in the field of dematerialization
  • establish initial exchanges with postal services outside of France, in particular the Canadian Postal Service
  • define the positioning of the service and its functionalities
  • prepare initial ideas regarding the platform architecture
  • define the legal aspects
  • prepare a startup plan
  • provide IT expertise for the project

The dematerialization platform gradually came into being, and Digiposte was officially launched in March 2011. In total, about 30 Sopra Steria people provided a wide range of skills on this project: consultancy, means of payment, CRM, collaborative solutions and architecture.

The Digiposte project is still developing, and the 2012/2013 targets are: create a network of issuers, optimize the number of subscribers, expand the functionalities available on the platform.

Customer benefits

With Digiposte:

  • La Poste underscored its strategy to focus on the digital economy
  • La Poste established itself as a leader in providing dematerialized services to the general public
  • La Poste is able to deliver performance, innovation and modernity to its customers, whilst meeting the need to optimize the costs of CRM programs, and deliver reactivity and efficacy

Client view

"For La Poste, the objectives of the Digiposte platform are twofold:

  • Create an online space for bilateral exchanges meeting the requirements of the typical citizen, involving his services providers, employer, and administration
  • Federate, in one single place, all documents of relevance to the typical citizen: payslips, bank statements, bills, receipts, and so on. We want to make Digiposte the assistant of the citizen’s everyday life. We aim to collect 1 million subscribers by 2013"

Eric Baudrillard, Head of the Digiposte activity