Ten year partnership contract with Shepway District Council will deliver £2 million savings

IT-enabled business services provider, Steria, announced today that it will deliver innovation, cost savings and performance improvements to Shepway District Council. By engaging Steria to manage all aspects of its ICT services, the Council will lower its ICT support costs by £2million saving over the ten-year term.

The £4million contract, operational from 1 April 2012, will see Steria leading a programme of innovation which will support the Council in:

  • Improving productivity through a more flexible and mobile workforce
  • Enabling channel shift, with particular emphasis on customer self-service
  • Implementing a Corporate Electronic Document and Records Management Solution (EDRMS)
  • Responding to the government’s localisation agenda

The savings will be achieved by delivering a lower cost and more efficient ICT service. Additionally, a reduction in the Council’s accommodation requirement, improved business processes and working practices could lead to further savings.

To ensure continuous improvement and innovation throughout the life of the partnership, Steria will work with the Council to develop a future roadmap which will include how the two parties will function closely together.

The Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, Kathryn Beldon, said, “The Council is committed to meeting the changing needs of its residents, whilst at the same time achieving cashable savings. These goals cannot be achieved without a “culture change” in the way we work, and to make this happen requires the right long-term business partner to support us. Steria has demonstrated to us that it has the experience and capability to be that partner, and we look forward to a long and successful working relationship with them.” 

Steria’s Managing Director of Local and Central Government, Jason Cumine, said, “For some years now, Steria has been supporting District Councils in the innovative use of ICT to transform the way they operate and to deliver tangible benefits to the communities they serve. Shepway District Council has become the latest member of this growing group of local authorities and we are looking forward to working closely in partnership to achieve results.”