Student Loans Company first to go live with Government Digital Service exemplar project

Student Loans Company (SLC) has been the first to go 'Live' with a Government Digital Service (GDS) 'exemplar' project, with the delivery of a new customer portal that is an integral part of a major transactional processing system managing a total loan value of over £45 billion.

In December 2012, 25 'exemplar' services were announced by the GDS as part of the 'Digital by Default' strategy, which stresses that the key to successfully going digital in the public sector is by providing modern, easy-to-use, convenient public services for citizens; services they would choose to use by default.  The GDS transformation programme is focused on delivering the exemplars to become 'Live' public services.

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SLC has been undertaking a major Transformation Programme, upgrading its systems to provide simple, transparent, modern, digital and user-friendly services.  These resilient systems will both help deliver the Government's HE Reform Programme and better meet user needs.

Sopra Steria and SLC

Sopra Steria has been working as SLC's Digital Delivery Partner since 2012, using an Agile approach with techniques such as Behaviour Driven Development underpinned by a robust and flexible test automation framework and continuous integration environment to drive the delivery of the new portal.

The new portal is being delivered in an incremental way with the following elements having so far been released into 'Live': New loan products such as 24+ Advanced Learning Loans (April 2013) and an on-line application process for Part-Time Students already launched (October 2012).  Further releases are planned for early 2014 including Full-Time Loans and Online Statements.

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