Sopra Steria obtains double CarbonNeutral® certification for all its data centres and business travel with effect from 2014

Paris, 28 May 2015 - Sopra Steria, European leader in digital transformation, is committed to a proactive Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The Group has therefore been certified CarbonNeutral® for all its data centres and business travel with effect from 2014.

Sopra Steria's approach to Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability combines economic efficiency, social equity and respect for the environment. The Group's environmental responsibility concentrates on four priority areas of action: business travel, IT infrastructure and resources, facilities management and waste management.

Greenhouse gas reduction programmes leverages carbon offsetting

Sopra Steria has reduced its carbon emissions and gone further by  becoming carbon neutral for data centres and business travel, and has been certified CarbonNeutral® for these activities since 2014.

Sopra Steria has introduced a number of programmes to cut down its greenhouse gas emissions:

  • The development of remote communication platforms to limit business travel, with the acquisition of 15 new videoconferencing systems, bringing the total of such systems across all its sites to 143
  • Incentives to encourage its staff to use the cleanest possible means of transport
  • Campaigns aimed at its employees to encourage and support changes in their attitudes and behaviour: the Environmental Sustainability programme
  • Modernisation of data centres, server virtualisation and use of renewable energy.

To supplement these initiatives, Sopra Steria offsets its greenhouse gas emissions by supporting projects to benefit the environment while preserving natural resources and/or increasing the use of renewable energy.  Sopra Steria purchases carbon credits that enable the operation of projects such as wind farms in India.

"We are very aware that our activities supporting our clients require business travel and extensive use of IT infrastructure. We are keen to minimise the negative impact relating to the environment due to these activities. The action programmes implemented by the Group and its employees to reduce its energy consumption and environmental impact are part of an improvement process that we are keen to continue to progress. A good example in 2014, we reduced the carbon footprint of our data centres by 8,221 tons of CO2 equivalent by our direct action.

The CarbonNeutral®* certification from The CarbonNeutral Company helps us to go a step further by supporting external projects to reduce carbon emissions in support of a sustainable world for all, in line with The CarbonNeutral Protocol" explains Siva Niranjan, Head of Environmental Sustainability at Sopra Steria.

*Since its launch in 2002, the CarbonNeutral® protocol has been used by corporations throughout the world seeking to demonstrate their carbon neutrality.