Sopra Steria continues its commitment to renewable energy with International Renewable Energy Certificates

  Paris, 25 October 2016: Sopra Steria, is continuing its commitment to renewable energy by purchasing International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) from a hydroelectricity project in India. I-RECs will enable Sopra Steria to match the electricity consumption of its Indian data centres with renewable electricity from within the same market.

In 2015, Sopra Steria became the first to support renewable energy solution PowerPlus™, developed by Natural Capital Partners in response to growing demand for renewable energy solutions outside Europe and North America. Since then, the I-REC Standard has emerged in response to increasing demand for global renewable energy solutions.

Reflecting its continued drive for innovation and best practice, Sopra Steria has sourced I-RECs from India as part of its 2016 environmental sustainability programme. By extending its renewable energy commitment, Sopra Steria continues to support the generation of renewable energy in India, equivalent to the electricity consumption of its Indian data centres. Renewable energy commitments such as this are essential to accelerate the low carbon transition.

Siva Niranjan, Head of Environmental Sustainability at Sopra Steria explains, "The I-REC Standard helps us to plug a gap where we cannot readily acquire renewable energy, by providing an independent, verifiable mechanism to support renewable energy generation in India.  Purchasing I-RECs is another example of Sopra Steria’s desire to embrace innovation and provide services to its clients that support a low carbon economy.”