Sopra Steria, first with PowerPlus™ to support renewable energy production

Paris, France, 23 September 2015 – Sopra Steria, a leading provider of end-to-end IT-enabled business services, announced today that it is supporting renewable energy generation, equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed within their Chennai and Pune Data Centres (India), becoming the first company to support PowerPlusTM, a leading renewable energy solution.

By sourcing PowerPlusTM within India, where Sopra Steria has direct operations, Sopra Steria is actively supporting the increased investment in clean, renewable energy that is necessary to decarbonise the electricity grid. For Sopra Steria, this investment is part of the carbon offsetting programme of its Data Centres. According to expert findings in the 2015 New Climate Economy Report, achieving a sustainable future is within reach, but we must scale up investment in clean energy to at least $1 trillion a year.

PowerPlusTM matches Sopra Steria’s electricity consumption, MWh for MWh, with renewable electricity generation from within the same market. PowerPlusTM is underpinned by the world’s leading standards for certifying the quality and emission reductions generated by renewable energy projects. It is one of the few green power products available which facilitates additional, new, investment in grid connected renewable energy.  

All PowerPlusTM transactions are recorded on the PowerPlus registry, ensuring the information is available to make electricity grid, residual mix, emissions factor calculations.

“Sopra Steria recognises the critical role of renewable energy in decarbonising the global economy and we support a range of technologies including wind power. Through PowerPlus we are able to align our support for such projects with our consumption in the countries where we operate, particularly India. This builds on our Carbon Neutral® certifications for our Data Centres and Business Travel,” said Siva Niranjan, Head of Environmental Sustainability at Sopra Steria

Oliver Crouch, Chief Product Officer, The CarbonNeutral Company, commented, “Sopra Steria continues to lead the way in setting the standard for sustainability in the IT service sector. This is a great example of how corporates can support solutions like PowerPlus to genuinely facilitate additional investments in grid connected renewable energy at the same time as positively impacting the communities where they operate.”