Sopra Steria adds Offices to its CarbonNeutral® certifications

Paris, 19 September 2016: Sopra Steria has obtained CarbonNeutral® certification for 2015 for all of its premises (Office Space). This adds to the two existing CarbonNeutral® certifications for its Data Centres and business travel.

  This threefold acknowledgement, awarded by a demanding international body, demonstrates the Group's commitment in the domain of Corporate Responsibility. It allows especially to control the environmental impact of its activities and to ensure our solutions and services to our clients support a low carbon economy.

Since its launch in 2002, the CarbonNeutral® protocol has been updated every year to reflect the best industrial and scientific practice for measuring and reducing greenhouse gases. This certification is a practical demonstration of Sopra Steria's work on its environmental policy and carbon offsetting programmes. It results from the Group’s voluntarist and innovative environmental strategy which is based on four priority action areas: business travel, computing infrastructure and resources, premises management and waste management.

Regarding the premises, priority is given to buildings which meet the following new standards: RT 2012, BBC (Low-Energy House), HQE® (High Quality Environmental) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology).

Carbon offsetting to support renewable energy production projects

In addition to these initiatives, Sopra Steria has purchased carbon offsets that invest in renewable energy generation projects. These projects include wind and solar energy generation in India.

Siva Niranjan, Sopra Steria’s Head of Environmental Sustainability says, "The programmes we are implementing reduce and offset our environmental footprint and are an integral part of our environmental sustainability strategy. Our target is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2020. The Carbon offsets purchased invests in innovative renewable energy projects and enables us to achieve carbon-neutral status through our partnership with Natural Capital Partners".

Finally, the Group has set itself the target of a 15% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (2014 base year). The initiatives implemented in 2015 have already produced a 4% reduction. In addition, the Group's efforts have increased the share of renewable energy to 20.4% across all electrical consumption and to 50.3% across all Data Centres, which has cut emissions by an amount equivalent to more than 12,500 tonnes of CO2.