Sopra Steria and CEA sign a technology transfer partnership in the cyber security field

Paris, January 16, 2015 – Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, and CEA Tech, the technological research division of the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), have announced the signing of an R&D partnership whereby generic technologies developed by CEA will be transferred to the Innovation Lab at Sopra Steria's Cyber Security Centre, located in Toulouse. 

Digital transformation is a vector for sustainable economic growth, but is dependent on security that holds up to increasingly sophisticated and frequent threats. Faced with these challenges, cyber security players need to integrate the most advanced technology into their innovative industrial solutions. 

Developing and accelerating digital transformation

Sopra Steria offers secure solutions and services for major institutional and economic players to support them with their digital transformation as part of a continual process of innovation. CEA Tech, for its part, strives to accelerate innovation to benefit the industry.

At the heart of the cyber security sector, the partnership between Sopra Steria and CEA Tech uses a process of long-term shared innovation to accelerate the transfer of technology from CEA's research labs to the Innovation Lab at Sopra Steria's Cyber Security Centre to develop new advanced methods of detection and protection. This will allow digital service provider experts to deliver cyber security services that serve as a benchmark worldwide.

Two technology transfers for 2015

The three-year partnership agreement has already two major axes underway as a result of the expertise of CEA Tech’s List institute: detecting low digital noise using signal processing technology, and creating a new generation of digital and dynamic multimedia war rooms (touch tables, portable devices, etc.), based on interaction, visualization, and data management and analysis technology. This war room will be particularly suitable for managing cyber security crises. The maturity of CEA Tech's expertise and technology means that its solutions can be operational quickly.

In 2015, Sopra Steria's operational cyber security expertise, combined with CEA Tech's technological contributions to human-machine interfaces, signal processing and machine learning, will lead to innovative solutions that are adapted to the needs of operators engaged in active surveillance.

A key milestone in the protection of the European aerospace sector

This agreement fits perfectly with the collaborative projects of the Albatros Federation Program1 , certified by the Aerospace Valley World Competitiveness Cluster, of which both partners are members. The aim of this anchor program is to develop synergies between European aerospace industry players to protect businesses' digital assets and develop their competitiveness. The axes of the partnership between CEA Tech and Sopra Steria will contribute to the development of Box@PME, the collaborative protection solution for supply chain SMEs and mid-market companies, and to the creation of the program’s cyber security lab.