Partnership with Learntesting to enable self-study for ISTQB qualifications

Internal online training portal now available to Steria customers as-a-service within Steria’s RightTesting portfolio.

Steria and Learntesting today announced that they are launching a unique self-study environment to support the needs of employees pursuing professional qualifications from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). The online portal offers e-learning materials in English, German and French and provides self-study content to suit a variety of learning styles through real-time and remote interaction with subject matter experts and 24/7 online support.

Steria initially developed the portal with Learntesting to help its own staff in Europe and India study for the Foundation and Advanced level exams, part of the “ISTQB Certified Tester” international qualification scheme.

After the initial internal launch of the first French language e-learning ISTQB Foundation Certificate (CTFL), which has now been accredited by the French Testing Board, Steria has begun to experience demand for similar portals from other companies and so has developed the offering as-a-service to sit with the Steria: RightTesting portfolio and is taking this to market first within French speaking territories.

Financial and time constraints have made traditional classroom-based study for professional certifications challenging. As a result, online training and self-study methodologies can have significant benefits. Steria has already seen its online pass rates exceed those from corresponding classroom courses. Employees can prepare more thoroughly for exams online and decide when they are ready to sit them. This means time out of the office is minimised and motivation of students is increased as they are able to control their learning patterns.

In addition, the total cost of training and certification has been significantly reduced as students have the ability to study at the pace that best suits them.

Sean Beesting, group testing service line director, Steria, said, “As employee skills becomes an increasingly important consideration for businesses, helping our staff to achieve the necessary qualifications for career progression was a real focus for Steria. The development of the portal has had significant benefits for our staff and consequently our business and we are really excited to see that our customers are also recognising this. Our RightTesting offering is the perfect place to integrate the online portal as it allows us to provide resource as-a-service as well as recommend best practice initiatives to be rolled out across the wider community.

Mike Smith, managing director, Learntesting, said, “There is a growing demand for innovative self-study programmes which offer the benefits of traditional classroom study as well as maintaining students’ focus and reducing drop-out rates. Virtualisation of learning supported by tutor interaction has not only brought success for those seeking industry certification, but provides students with the opportunity to build on ISTQB and other testing theory and to conduct practical training in their own time. Our work with Steria demonstrates that there is a demand for this type of support across the wider business community and it is something we hope to extend as far as possible in the coming years.

The Steria and Learntesting solution, Steria RightTest Learning, offers a rich warehouse of content to help students pass each exam. The materials offered go beyond traditional course content to include official sample exam papers, Learntesting exercises, questions and interactive tuition in real-time via Webex as well as administration, student monitoring and information management.