Launch of RightSecurity Services

The first end-to-end, outsourced security services provision in an output-based business model.

Steria today announced the launch of Steria: RightSecurity Services. The service offering enables organisations to outsource all or part of their security service requirements, from risk identification and prevention, through to remedial planning and deployment, overall management and control.  RightSecurity Services is provided ‘as a service’, and works on a pay-per-use model. Steria has strengthened its Shared Services Centres with a facility dedicated to security, in order to provide clients with ready access to a pool of security experts.

RightSecurity Services integrates best of breed technologies, such as the Security Management suite from key partner RSA and the Security Division of EMC. In addition, RightSecurity Services users benefit from Steria’s industrial STARS platform to provide end to end management of automated services, from request management and implementation up to billing monitoring.

The RightSecurity Services portfolio offers organisations the choice of physical, virtual, logical and behavioural security services which are operated twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from the first of Steria’s Shared Security Service Centres. It recognises where security breaches could take place, allowing for early detection of incidents and rapid response to unauthorised activities. Any attempts at unauthorised access to information are blocked immediately with security controllers alerted of the breach in real-time. But as importantly, the centre also manages additional service requests from its comprehensive service e-catalogue and has automated systems and processes to ensure these are compliant with customers’ own Security policies and procedures.

In the ongoing battle to reduce information leaks, targeted attacks and more efficiently protect sensitive sites against such attacks, RightSecurity Services offer customers another weapon in their armoury. It provides expertise on leading technologies and techniques that might be too difficult to acquire and maintain in-house.

Francois Enaud, Steria Group CEO, said “As the line between personal and professional devices becomes increasingly blurred and cyber-security is elevated in the list of business priorities, threat management has grown in complexity. Security regulations are being tightened in response to this but that means businesses are facing users who are often unfamiliar with new policies and lack sufficient skills and resources to successfully enforce them. With a large number of organisations looking to address this through purchasing the right skills and expertise ‘as a service’, Steria: RightSecurity Services is the right proposition for today’s market.

The service provided to each customer is based on Steria’s expert IPPCoR* methodology which combines intrinsic knowledge, expertise and experience to promise guaranteed deliverables at set prices. Applying a standardised methodology offered in this way ensures that all relevant factors and pre-requisites for security strategy are accounted for, regardless of which services are purchased by the customer. This approach also allows each customer to continue working in the way that best complements their existing working practices and security policies.

Steria and RSA have been working together for more than a year to manage all of the IT security services for a global manufacturer, helping the company meet tighter security governance requirements efficiently. These operations are resourced in a Shared Security Services Centre in Toulouse, France. 

Following a recent visit to the facility in Toulouse, France, Paul Simmonds, co-founder and Board Member of the Jericho Forum commented, “I am really impressed by the high-quality of service that Steria delivers given its client’s strict security requirements, timeline and budget. We recognise RSA’s Security Management suite as amongst the best. Combining this with Steria’s service capabilities to form a Shared Security Services Centre will enable future customers to benefit from their joint expertise and feel safe in the knowledge that their information will be monitored 24/7.

Bill Taylor, Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances, RSA, said, "We are excited that Steria has built out its Shared Security Services centre using RSA technology. We continue to look at managed service providers as an evolving way to provide our customers with the ability to implement advanced security to help prevent advanced threats.

RightSecurity Services is part of Steria’s overall Security solutions portfolio. More than 400 highly qualified security experts across Europe work to engender a more trusting environment between businesses, administrations and citizens. From high-end consulting to system build and run, our broad-ranging solutions cover diverse security needs, ensuring the provision of security for infrastructure, applications, data and people.


The full RightSecurity Services portfolio is available immediately in France. It will be available in the UK and Germany in 2012 and will roll out across EMEA in 2013.


Pricing is service based and is based on unit(s) of work. All services are listed in the RightSecurity Services catalogue.

Notes to editors:

*IPPCoR: Identification, Prevention planning, Protection deployment, Control & management, Reporting, measurement & communication