Sopra team wins EdinburghApps Road Safety Hackathon

The Creative Incentive team, made up of two Sopra developers and an Edinburgh College of Art student, won the EdinburghApps' Road Safety Hackathon (6th – 8th June 2014) with their data and mapping visualisations and road crossing incentive concept.

The hackathon was organised in partnership with Transport for Edinburgh and the Streets Ahead campaign, and aimed to tackle the issue of accidents involving pedestrians, caused by people not looking properly or becoming distracted.
Hackers were challenged to use data to find ways of informing road users of dangers, raising road safety awareness and educating pedestrians, particularly children aged 10-14, who are considered most vulnerable. The hackers came up with apps, product concepts or websites before pitching ideas to the judges.

The Creative Incentive solution

With 3 years' worth of data collated and available from the City of Edinburgh Council (via GitHub) the teams had access to a high volume of accident data indicating the location, age group, time of day, weather reports etc. which were all presented in CSV spreadsheets.

The Creative Incentive team focused on making the data more user friendly and pulling out the key information to present it in a more tactile, visual format. By converting the data and selecting key grid references the team was able to project this onto a geographical map of Edinburgh City thus immediately identifying accident hot spots. The user could then select specific areas of interest and drill down further to find more detailed information, really brining the data to life.Analysis of the data led to a design concept aimed at making road safety more fun and bringing together the community, schools and sponsors including:

  • Crossing game app – identifies where the closest pedestrian crossings are and awards points for using them. By collecting points (supported by schools) children can win prizes. Points are only awarded if the phone is on idle, i.e. they are not encouraged to use their phones when crossing roads.
  • Visual perception – Artwork, light projections, Covers to keep you dry while you wait. All in the hope of making crossings more interesting, user friendly and something you don't mind stopping for!
    About The Creative Incentive Team

Team members included: Neil Wilkie (Technical Architect) and Clément Mouchet (Developer) both from Sopra and Anais Moisy, an interior design student from Edinburgh College of Art. 

About EdinburghApps

EdinburghApps was launched in 2013 and was the city's first civic challenge event. It offered teams and individuals the opportunity to work with Council and Partner data, to present innovative ideas and solutions to improve the lives of those living, working and visiting the City. Going forward, EdinburghApps will focus on being an enabler/accelerator for innovative projects, and plans are in place to diversify the events organised under the EdinburghApps brand. These events are open to all businesses and residents of the city.