Sopra Steria's Tom McCann Chair, techUK Central Government Council, reports on first meeting

Supporting Central Government to explore the ‘Art of the Possible’

   15 November, 2016: As Chair of the newly established techUK Central Government Council I wanted to update techUK members, the wider tech sector and our Government stakeholders on the outcomes of our first meeting.

The Council brings together leaders from across the tech industry and will deliver an ambitious programme of activity. As a Council, our goal is to understand what matters to Central Government Departments and the tech industry, and our priority is to ensure techUK’s Central Government Programme is both relevant and influential.


We will collaborate and drive engagement between Government and Industry to deliver better outcomes

Supporting and expanding the role of techUK in helping Central Government explore the ‘Art of the Possible’ with the tech industry will be a key priority for the Council.

We will promote techUK as a forum to enable Government and industry to innovate through ongoing market engagement. We are particularly interested in getting Government Agencies, who may not have the capacity or resources of the larger Departments, involved in these activities.

We will help reform Government procurement

Real progress has been achieved in Public Sector procurement reforms, which have made it easier for tech companies (particularly SMEs) to do business with Government. However, there is still some way to go. A recent techUK survey of 1,500 civil servants identified a lack of desire to buy from a wider range of suppliers or experiment with disruptive tech.

We want to work with Government stakeholders to ensure Departments and Agencies harness the best of tech through smarter purchasing. The techUK Central Government Council will support Government to design government contracts for the digital age that is simple and accessible for companies of all sizes.

Get Involved!

As Chair I have been very clear in my message, and have the full support of our Council members, the Central Government Council is not a talking shop. It is action and outcome focused and, in the true spirit of collaboration, I would welcome input from techUK members and our wider Government stakeholders into our emerging programme.

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Keep up to date with the activity of the Central Government Programme, or get in touch with me by email or Rob Driver Head of Programmes - Public Sector to tell us what you think.

See also our release dated 12 October 2016 announcing Tom's appointment.