Sopra Steria Switzerland wins contract with the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

Zurich, 18th November 2015: Sopra Steria will implement a new traffic management system for the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). This will involve the implementation of a new, superordinate and transregional management system.

In the Regional Unit VIII of the Federal Roads Office, the Zofingen branch, the four existing and significantly different management systems used in the cantons (administrative subdivisions) of Aargau, Solothurn, Baselland and Basel-Stadt, will be converted, in phases, to a superordinate, transregional operations management system.

Thanks to extensive experience gained from previous project deliveries, and its bespoke software solution with dedicated tools, Sopra Steria was able to win the tender. FEDRO awarded Sopra Steria the contract to implement the new system including: integration and consolidation of the four existing systems; integration of new systems and operation of the management system. Final acceptance of the new superordinate traffic management system is scheduled for 2019.

Sopra Steria has been active in the Swiss superordinate traffic management systems market since 1992 and has been a market leader in this sector for several years. Due to its size and expertise, Sopra Steria is able to offer the security of a long-term service partner. The bespoke management solution with its broad capabilities is the most modern example of this type of system in Switzerland and will be implemented by Sopra Steria's experienced teams after a few enhancements.

Nicolas Vezin, CEO of Sopra Steria Switzerland: "Using our extensive expertise in the traffic management sector, we were able to meet all of FEDRO's requirements in terms of technology, functionality, high availability and security and, as a result, win the tender."