Sopra Steria research examines civil service progress in implementing digital services

Sopra Steria has examined the progress that the civil service has made in implementing digital services, identifying areas of success and the challenges yet to be overcome, and put forward some suggestions to assist with further development. 

"2015 Digital Trends Survey" headline figures show that much progress has been made, but challenges remain. The start of the digital journey is well underway with the first step of putting services online being largely tackled, and wide recognition of the impact of digital services. Progress is also being made towards sharing tools and processes, which is the beginning of Government as a Platform and the transformation of the government middle office. However challenges remain, particularly around skills and training, and around measuring the benefits of digitising services.

  • 75% say that the digital transformation agenda had impacted their work
  • 37% report they are not receiving adequate digital skills training
  • 67% state that the public will benefit from putting services online
  • 27% believe that the government is giving insufficient support to help them provide digital services; roughly the same proportion thought that it was doing enough to help
  • Only 3% say that their organisation has not started putting services online; lack of resources and training were seen as the biggest barriers to progress in general

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