Sopra Steria's John Baskerville discusses encouraging technological developments in the public sphere

    London, 16 December, 2016: In an article published today in Civil Service World, John Baskerville, Managing Director of Central Government for Sopra Steria believes that technology’s role in people’s private lives is fundamentally shaping their expectations in the public sector. “What we live with at home tends to determine what we come to expect elsewhere.”

However, John identifies that there is a gap between what the public demands and what it actually gets. He cites work undertaken by Sopra Steria recently with IPSOS on a survey to gauge citizen satisfaction with the digital service agendas of their respective governments. We discovered a strong correlation between the pace of digital change and citizen demand for it.

“The survey returned some startling results,” John says. “Less than a third of those surveyed in the UK are frequently accessing online public services, compared with 57% in Norway and 65% in France.”

But while online uptake in the UK seems low, the appetite for improved online services is high. Two-thirds of the UK sample said they want to see more joined up access to government services and 49% consider health services to be the top priority for future digital investment.

However, John is defiantly optimistic and quick to offer examples of where he sees this gap narrowing - our work providing digital courtroom solutions to HM Court Tribunal Service and Crown Prosecution Service, support for handling massive amounts of data for the Financial Conduct Authority and our collaboration with Oslo University and Microsoft to equip surgeons with HoloLens, Microsoft’s holographic smart glasses, so that they can better treat cancer.

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