Sopra Steria encouraging Belfast girls to embark on a career in IT

photo of students and sopra steria mentors at victoria college27 March, 2017: With digital technologies transforming so much in our world, Sopra Steria believes that it is important to invest in technologies with positive social and environmental outcomes, and in the next generation of tech talent, while promoting diversity and inclusion.  We are actively working with schools and colleges to promote careers in the tech industry, especially to girls, who are underrepresented in our sector.

At a recent visit to Victoria College in Belfast alongside Northern Ireland Digital Shared Services (DSS) we presented to fifty teenage girls on Working in IT.  Our presentation sought to raise awareness of the wide variety of IT roles available and the range of skills needed, including creativity, problem-solving, design and communication skills. 

The session also included an overview of how technology can help people, something we know from our experience working with girls is important to them.  We showcased our Game Changer programme, which has the ambition of raising physical fitness and promoting healthy lifestyles in children and that Sopra Steria is working on with Halton CCG and Widnes Vikings Rugby. This is one example of where technology can be used to improve health outcomes across local communities.

In our work with other schools and colleges across the UK, we have run technology, entrepreneurship and innovation contests. At the end of our visit we donated a Raspberry Pi to Victoria College to support them in working with the students to develop coding knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Going forward we are exploring the possibility of work placements for students from Belfast in our local office.

Says Alison McLaughlin, Sopra Steria's Regional Government Director, “Our local teams undertake various initiatives with schools and colleges to improve perceptions of working in IT and give students a better understanding of the creative, interesting and varied nature of the different roles available in the technology industry. We like to engage in fun and interactive ways to inspire the next generation of digital talent.”

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