Sopra Group presented at EuroSTAR 2012

Sopra Group presented a number of sessions at this year's EuroSTAR event, the most successful and widely acknowledged gathering of European Software Testing Professionals.

Stephen Readman, Senior Test Consultant

Sopra Group recently worked with Scottish Life Pensions to help them deliver a modern, efficient testing solution.  Together with a representative from Scottish Life and Pensions, Stephen Readman examined the behaviours noted throughout the delivery of the solution.  In particular how the cultural changes required to achieve a high level of quality by ensuring collaboration among the key players (the Three Amigos).  They also referenced the software used to harness teamwork and continuous delivery and integration.

The session was aimed at delegates who identified with the following:

  • If you are thinking about automating tests but your testers may not have the necessary skills.
  • If you're at the beginning of your journey and are looking for a reference point.
  • If you are looking to benchmark your mature model.
  • If you feel testing's voice can't be heard clearly.

Graham Freeburn, Principal Consultant

In addition, Graham Freeburn, a veteran EuroSTAR presenter of more than ten years, ran a Track Session entitled 'Map your way to better testing'.  The session looked at new ways to deliver Test Process Improvement and focused on mind mapping.

Jackie McDougall, Senior Test Consultant, Innovation and Solutions Group

Jackie McDougall also ran a soap box sesion in EuroSTAR's new Community Hub entitled "Why bother with BI testing?"  In addition she was a track chair for three presenters.

For almost 20 years, the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference has been the most successful and widely acknowledged gathering of European Software Testing Professionals.  This year's event was held in the RAI in Amsterdam between the 5th and 8th of November and attracted around 800 delegates over the duration of the conference.