Sopra Steria leads a discussion on exploiting diversity of systems and data in borders and homeland security

Monday 23 November 2015
16:30 - 17:30, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London


smart borders logoSopra Steria’s Roberto Lupi will lead a roundtable discussion session at the Smarter Borders event about how to exploit the diversity of systems and data in borders and homeland security. Can we turn today’s weakness into a strength? 

We’ll explore why a holistic approach to the EU Information Management Strategy is needed to deliver more effective and efficient internal security and border management including:

  • How to move forward from fragmented data and too many access protocols: limited progress since 2009 needs the problems to be reframed
  • The evolution and adaptive capability of a multi-user, multi-purpose distributed eco-system: what are the requirements for customers and users (border guards)?
  • Redundancy between the physical (passports, visa stickers) and the digital (virtual) world: do we still need paper?
  • Cross-functional support such as automated event management, notification and case management to support collaboration and cooperation. Mobilising travellers’ and commercial partners’ participation in security

About the Smarter Borders Event

The Smarter Borders conference will bring together leading policymakers, heads of border control and customs, and heads of operations at air- and seaports and carriers, to mix with the solution providing industry to discuss how to solve their common challenges.

Key topics:

  • Easing the process of identity checks, including automation and biometrics
  • The development of technology that links intelligence gather from passenger entry to exit of border control and allows for real-time data analysis and dissemination
  • How borders, customs agencies and immigration services can work with private companies (from airports to ferry companies) to ensure an easy and safe passenger experience at the border?

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Danielle HONORÉ