Sopra Steria supports Digital Leaders Scotland

Thursday 1 October 2015
15:30 - 17:30, Edinburgh


The next Digital Leaders Scotland salon is titled “Digital Participation and Schoolchildren" - part II of the topic discussed in the September Salon in Glasgow.

Research has shown that there is extensive theory around policy and conceptual development for digital literacy and digital participation, yet despite this, we are faced with an ongoing battle to translate this into practise.

Join the debate by registering for the event at the DL website.

Sopra Steria is proud to support both Digital Leaders Scotland and Digital Leaders Northern Ireland, helping to organise and host their digital salons.

We were delighted to be included in this year’s ‘Digital Leaders 100’ and named as a finalist in the category ‘Industry Digital Leader of the Year’ alongside distinguished organisations in our marketplace.


Stephanie Lawless

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