Sopra Steria supports Digital Leaders Scotland

Thursday 11 June 2015


The next Digital Leaders Scotland salon is titled “Digital's role in political participation".

The role that digital played in the recent general election has caused many commentators to question if the relationship between digital and the democratic process needs to be redefined. Social media may be key for political participation, as its potential to start debate and maintain a conversation between voters and political figures may ultimately shape public perceptions of political parties.

This salon will explore the following:

  1. How did digital play its part in the recent general election?
  2. Are there lessons we can learn about digital’s role in communication, inclusion and participation?
  3. Is social media a solution for voter disillusionment and lack of engagement with politics?

For more information, including registration, visit the DL website.

Sopra Steria is proud to support both Digital Leaders Scotland and Digital Leaders Northern Ireland, helping to organise and host their digital salons.

We are delighted to be included in this year’s ‘Digital Leaders 100’ and named as a finalist in the category ‘Industry Digital Leader of the Year’ alongside distinguished organisations in our marketplace. The winners will be announced on 25th June 2015.

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