Sopra Steria speaking at EuroSTAR 2013

Monday 4 November 2013
Gothenburg, Sweden


We have again been chosen to present at this year's EuroSTAR event, the most successful and widely acknowledged gathering of European Software Testing Professionals. The theme of this year's event is 'Questioning Testing' and the conference will be chaired by Michael Bolton.

What Makes A Good Tester? (Workshop 24)

Graham Freeburn, Principal Testing Consultant

Based on his own extensive experience and discussions with many of his peers Graham will present a mindmap of the skills and attributes he considers to be most important to be a good tester, grouped around four categories – head, heart, body and soul. In keeping with the conference theme, Graham will invite the audience to challenge, add or comment on his views and to select their own personal 'top five'.

Graham is a EuroSTAR veteran, having presented over ten times at the event. The session he presented last year 'Map your way to better testing' was standing room only.

Closer to home, Graham is the co-founder and chairman of the Scottish Testing Group which recently celebrated ten years of successfully contributing and supporting the Scottish testing community.

Testing On Trial (Workshop 21)

Jackie McDougall, Principal Consultant

That infamous villain 'Testing' has finally been caught and is being brought to trial at the Court of Wise and Impartial Testers (WIT) in Gothenburg. This will be a fun session (with a serious message) that will take the audience (our jury) through a formal trial procedure against testing.

The court's judge will ask the jury to take all of the testimony and evidence into account, and consider carefully their decision: Is Testing Guilty or Not Guilty as charged? Come and find out!

Jackie is a Principal Test Consultant at Sopra, providing test consultancy and support on a wide variety of projects. With seventeen years' experience as a testing specialist, she is dedicated to the cause! Areas of interest are Requirements, Risk-Based and BI Testing, Process Improvement, Agile methods and Automation.

Jackie has been a key testing presence on many projects and pre-sales assignments within Sopra, and is well regarded for her clear communication of testing-related ideas and material. She has presented at previous EuroSTAR Conferences, and is a regular attendee at the Scottish Testing Group seminars

About EuroSTAR

EuroSTAR is Europe's premier testing event where testers from across Europe and from further afield get together for three to four days of intensive learning, networking and discussion.