Travel and transport

Putting users at the heart of intelligent transport solutions

Sopra Steria has over 45 years of experience integrating systems and exploiting data to optimise the availability, reliability and security of transport networks. We implement solutions that ensure users – passengers or freight – are given the information they need, when they need it, to make optimum, or alternative, transport choices.

Our expertise

By taking a pragmatic and innovative approach, coupled with an in-depth understanding of your business, we can offer:

  • Complex systems integration expertise to open up and maximise the value of data locked in siloed systems
  • Real-time information that improves service quality by connecting the systems of various transport modes
  • Mobile solutions accessible anytime, anywhere, via any type of terminal or device
  • Safer transportation systems with efficient management of disruptions and crises
  • Optimised management of resources, infrastructure assets and maintenance
  • Enhanced operational performance with a lean management approach

Our experience 

Some key highlights include:

Urban traffic optimisation

  • We designed, developed and support Singapore’s i-Transport System - an integrated, unified platform that centralises Singapore’s intelligent transport systems, as well as traffic, public transport information, and multi-modal route advisory systems.
  • Our TrafficScan solution uses real-time GPS speed and location data to monitor 20,000 taxis across Singapore helping operators rapidly identify incidents and take action to smooth traffic flow and reduce congestion.
  • We delivered, and have subsequently upgraded, the central computer system for the Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS) in Singapore. This intelligent incident management tool manages traffic by detecting incidents promptly, ensuring a fast response to restore normal traffic flow.
  • We led the consortium which designed and implemented SIRIUS II, the traffic management system controlling the variable message signage for the entire Paris, Île de France, motorway system.

Highways management optimisation

  • Our transport payment solutions allow road users on over 70% of French autoroutes to drive through toll gates without stopping.
  • FEDRO, the Swiss Federal Roads Office, depends on a trans-regional control system developed and implemented by us to give them a complete operational view of their network.
  • In France, along with four partners, we built the €1bn eco-tax system for heavy goods vehicles. We managed the project’s central IT system, which enables interoperability between numerous external systems.

Real-Time Passenger Information

  • In Singapore we developed a multi-modal journey planner enabling real-time travel information for road, rail, bus, taxi and pedestrian journeys to be accessed via mobile devices.
  • We planned and implemented an on-board customer information system for SBB - the largest travel and transport company in Switzerland - providing travellers with real-time information and improved travel planning capabilities.
  • We delivered a multi-channel information system covering more than 600 transport lines for Isère Conseil Général, the local government authority in Grenoble, France.

Intelligent mobility

  • Our portfolio of solutions includes Internet traveller information systems, real-time bus arrival time information systems, mobile portals and SMS services, driver management and GPS vehicle tracking systems, dispatch systems, mobile maintenance management and SmartMetering.
  • Our mobile-ticketing solution deployed in Strasbourg allows users to buy tickets and use them on public transport via their mobile devices.
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles will soon be a reality. We worked with leading German vehicle manufacturers, components suppliers, telecommunication companies and research institutions in a joint project to test car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications.

Taxi and parking management

  • To ensure a smooth and controlled traffic flow on airport access roads, our RFID technology solution tracks and contacts every taxi around Heathrow, Paris, Geneva and Lyon airports. It assigns them to the right pick-up point at the right time, minimising customer and taxi waiting times, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions while improving safety on access roads. In-built functionality provides an opportunity for increasing revenues from taxi drivers, coaches and shuttles that use airport roads.
  • Our car park management solution covers all operations by gathering car park data in real-time generating data flows, and incorporating access control and information for town, railway station and airport car-park users. In France, it formed the basis of a management and control system developed for seven park-and-ride car parks in Toulouse.

Rail traffic management

  • We were chosen by SNCF to lead their SIPH programme, a 6-year activity which will completely overhaul and modernise their operational processes and traffic management / timetabling systems.
  • For RATP (Paris) - the world’s 5th largest urban transport operator – we installed a centralised control and traffic management system for Paris’ Metro Lines 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
  • Our SOI (service oriented infrastructure) based solution is optimising the management of rail traffic for the Norwegian National Rail Administration.

Airports and air travel

  • We are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of easyJet’s critical business application that handles customer information, bookings and flight references. We also developed easyJet’s allocated seating system, deliver their check-in and departure-control systems and manage their B2B channels.
  • Our resource management solution schedules airport resources (runways, conveyors, luggage, etc.) in line with flight plans, providing information to passengers and partners, and helping to control the quality of airport services information management.

Key clients

Some of our key clients in travel and transport include: easyJet, Land Transport Authority (Singapore), SNCF, FEDRO (Swiss Federal Roads Office), RATP (Paris) and Airbus.

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