Telco and media

Enhancing performance to succeed in the digital marketplace

An agile response to new industry dynamics

Organisations in the telecoms and media sectors face continued pressure to reduce operational costs. They need to find new sources of revenues, improve the quality of service and win the loyalty of digital customers.

Success in the digital marketplace is dependent on a number of market drivers:

  • Customer centricity: attracting and retaining customers in today’s saturated market demands a focus on customer centricity. It is the only way to meet rapidly increasing customer expectations regarding value and service. The more you know about customer buying patterns and lifestyles, the better able you are to drive new revenue and retain your best customers.
  • Digital and mobile: one of the biggest challenges facing telecoms and media companies is the speed and scope of change. Rapid technology advances and the proliferation of digital content across multiple platforms and channels have seen companies struggling to adapt their business models. Digital and mobile strategic know-how and the appropriate level of technology skills need to be brought on board. New legislation that comes hand-in-hand with new ways of customer engagement must be taken into account, but where do you start?.
  • IT and process optimisation: increasing complexity in business models driven by the move from physical to digital and voice to data for many organisations will result in a major overhaul of systems and processes to create efficient operations.
  • Cost and revenue: pressure on costs is a critical driver in today’s business landscape. Falling revenues and increased costs are driving diversification, re-use of assets and tighter cost management. Poorly performing back office functions need to be improved so that they add more value, but not at more cost.

Addressing these challenges in today’s rapidly changing digital environment demands robust processes and IT systems. It requires streamlined business operations giving you the agility you need to adapt quickly so that you’re not left behind. 

Sopra Steria can help. We have more than 40 years’ experience of helping our clients improve their operational efficiency, innovate and deliver a great customer experience.

Our solutions reflect current issues and evolving digital technologies. They are tailored specifically to the needs of each sector. For example, our Rights and Royalties services free up media organisations to focus on what they do best: making programmes. And our services extend across the wider media and entertainment sector. We offer a Rapid Portfolio Analysis service that helps gambling and gaming organisations identify where existing applications may need adapting in light of ever tightening regulatory pressures.

In telecoms we have deployed billing and customer services solutions enabling rapid time-to-market for new services and next-generation business models. We carry out transactional processing helping firms manage their regulatory requirements, for example, we collate the Safe Dig information required before any planned or emergency engineering work is undertaken on public assets.

Addressing your business issues

Customer centricity

Stiff competition from new market players, such as global internet and technology companies, means that building strong customer relationships has never been more important. We have more than 20 years’ experience in delivering customer centric management (CCM) solutions. These include strategy development, process design and optimisation, data management, BI, analytics and implementation of CRM applications. These solutions enable organisations to better understand  their customers so that they retain them and increase loyalty with a single view of each customer across every touchpoint. Better targeting, improved customer service and personalisation are the hallmarks of a customer-centric business. We help make this happen.

Digital and mobile

As a trusted partner in some of the world’s biggest mobile and digital programmes, we have developed innovative applications and solutions with both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) implications. For example, we have provided digital and mobile portals, geographic interface systems (GIS), machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, and real-time, secure synchronisation between central systems and mobile applications. Our solutions include mobile, multi-channel and digital strategy consultancy and design, application development and enterprise architecture, mobile payments and testing. We improve the end-to-end implementation of mobile and digital strategies across organisations, helping our clients to develop new market segments and enhance the customer experience.

Business process optimisation

Efficient business processes are central to the running of any organisation; from ‘front office’ customer-facing services right through to crucial ‘back office’ support functions powering the enterprise. We help our clients achieve this efficiency with operational automation using robotics and Business Process Management-based solutions, as well as data management and end-to-end systems integration and testing.  We also transform sub-optimal back office processes with our Business Process Services. These include finance maturity assessments and both back office and sector-specific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), such as Human Resources Outsourcing and Rights and Royalties management. Our BPO services free up your resources to focus on added-value activities.

IT optimisation

Agile organisations rely on efficient and effective IT operations. We support our telecoms and media clients with a suite of services designed to enable an agile response to business need. Our Sopra Steria: Right Apps Management solution allows us to migrate our customers’ legacy applications to modern technologies delivered on a new service model. This enables them to benefit from pay-per-use services combined with the control of guaranteed service outcome. Our clients can adapt to continuous change without any disruption to service quality and we use our industrialisation expertise to drive efficient steady-state operations of their optimised applications landscape.

Our experience

Rights and royalties management

We have been providing Rights & Royalties services to the BBC since 2006. Our team works its way through calculations for an average of 4,000-5,000 sales per month, rising to a peak of 17,000 during the annual selling season or after industry exhibitions. We also make sure that the ‘talent’ involved in the production of a programme or film receives accurate, timely payment of residuals due.

Customer journey

We turn customer data into valuable knowledge. For example, our enterprise content management, business intelligence (BI) and data management solutions help optimise customer profiling, while our consulting and CRM implementation services support the integration of customer databases and migrate and consolidate data to give a single view of the customer at every touchpoint of their journey with you.


We provided a German mobile operator with a combined business and IT transformation solution. This is ensuring the operator’s current mobile infrastructure and all further investments deliver maximum value in terms of customer experience and service quality.

Efficient processes

We provide our telecoms customers with a billing and rating system that takes into account new business models, including revenue sharing with content providers and other partners. With extensive experience of supporting operators in the definition and redesign of their billing processes, including pre-billing and post billing, we create a single agile system built on efficient processes.


We are involved in a project with a leading mobile telecoms provider targeting developing countries on the African continent. We have helped deploy and upgrade an innovative, mobile phone-based payment service. This allows people without bank accounts to access bank services (deposit, withdrawal, transfer) and other services, such as bill payment and repayment of micro credit.


We have tailored our RightTesting solution to meet the specific needs of clients in telecoms and media. Our focused approach to testing helps clients reduce the costs and risks of bringing new and market-winning products and services to market.

Key clients

  • BBC: we provide innovation to the BBC in a fully managed Finance & Accounting/payroll processing service and an IT service involving 300 staff. With our support, the broadcaster is releasing substantial savings over 10 years to reinvest in core programme making.
  • Telefonica: we provide Finance & Accounting Business Process Outsourcing services designed to reduce costs, improve performance and drive best practice within Telefonica UK’s operations.
  • Orange: we conducted rigorous testing for successful delivery of Orange Wednesday.
  • European telecoms operator: we consolidate its customer data from different sources, regardless of the offering (fixed, mobile, broadband or internet services).