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Delivering innovation and change to help transform local services

Despite the reality of ongoing cuts, public expectations and demands are continuing to increase. In this climate even the best performing local authorities need to think and act differently to deliver sustainable services and long-term value to local communities.

Why Sopra Steria?

We are committed to supporting local authorities on their transformation journey, helping them to drive significant improvements and realise efficiency savings. Here are some areas where we are achieving success together:

  • Embracing digital and providing services that support a move towards a more mobile and social-media-dependent world
  • Supporting employees delivering services in the community through agile working and mobility solutions
  • Secure collaboration - enabling information sharing e.g. health and social care
  • Integrating information across services to create a single view of the citizen
  • Taking advantage of ‘big data’ across departmental silos to enhance services
  • Improving efficiency in the back office and reducing costs
  • Understanding how cloud and other emerging technologies can add value to deliver more effectively

At Sopra Steria we have innovative services that are enabling local public service providers to deliver efficiency savings and reshape the way they work to improve services to their local communities. We have been delivering services to the public sector for over 40 years and have a proven heritage of providing solutions that address the ever changing public service challenge. Our Local Government clients can be assured they are working with a partner who truly understands their needs and is committed to providing the right solutions to meet them.

How are we working with local government?

Sopra Steria works in partnership with local councils to deliver transformation programmes that bring real impact in terms of service delivery, efficiency and environmental obligations. We work together with local authorities in a way that is information led rather than technology driven, to implement change incrementally by understanding existing assets and helping them make the most of what they've already got.

Solace Scotland new logoAs a Solace Scotland Silver Partner we are also delighted to be engaging with and working with senior Local Government managers across Scotland.

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