Joint ventures

When delivered at scale, shared services can
enable tangible savings for UK Government

Public and private sectors working together to better meet the needs of the people they serve

Sopra Steria's two joint venture arrangements with leading public sector departments are great examples of how shared services, delivered at scale, can enable tangible savings for the UK Government. They demonstrate how the public and private sectors can work together to free up resources for vital frontline services, generate real cash savings and do more to meet the needs of the people they serve.

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SSCL will transform business support services across the public sector

   On 1st November 2013, a landmark contract, worth more than £1bn over 10 years, established Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL) as a joint venture between Sopra Steria (75%) and the UK Cabinet Office (25%).

Sopra Steria brings leading edge know-how in operating shared services at scale in order to address the challenge of transforming back office functions across the public sector. We combine this know-how with specialist expertise in Big Data and Analytics to unleash the full potential of the wealth of data held in the systems that support functions such as procurement, finance, payroll and HR services. Government departments and agencies, including DWP, Defra, and the Environment Agency, will benefit from huge economies of scale as a result of SSCL’s shared service model, as well as from the adoption of common processes and systems and a continuous improvement in service quality.

This move forms part of the Government’s Next Generation Shared Services (NGSS) programme which is a key element of the Civil Service Reform agenda for a more cost-effective and unified Civil Service. The overall transformation of the Government’s back office functions, including NGSS, is expected to deliver between £400 and £600m in savings per annum for the UK taxpayer.

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NHS SBS is the largest provider of business support services to the NHS in England

NHS Shared Business Services is the market leader in business support services for the NHS, providing innovative finance and accounting, employment and procurement solutions which deliver operational efficiencies, improved service quality and real cost savings for our clients. We've already delivered audited savings of over £400 million to our NHS clients to date.

A unique joint venture between the Department of Health and Social Care and Sopra Steria, we're proud to be the only business support services organisation to be part of the NHS family, with over 40% of the market using one or more of our products.

Our innovative solutions deliver significant operational efficiencies, improved service quality and generate real cost savings of between 20% to 30%; with all types of NHS organisations using one or more of our services.

Every year we:

  • Manage approximately £188.5 billion on behalf of NHS clients
  • Process over 11 million transactions
  • Recover around £24 billion of NHS debt

Our transformational journey

We're working closely with NHS organisations across the country to better respond to the increasing challenges faced by our clients. Together we have identified opportunities for current service enhancements and we are committed to investing in new digital business solutions for the future.

By developing new and existing services, we are helping to support the delivery of national policy, such as the NHS Long Term Plan, as well as enabling clients to meet NHS Improvement spending targets and the efficiency savings highlighted by Lord Carter.

Our service

Partnering with client organisations we work together to ensure that our services meet our customer expectation. In December 2018, our NPS score was rated by our customers as +30 across all of our services.

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