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Empowering clients to rapidly transform their data analytics capability

Sopra Steria helps organisations of all sizes and complexities to gain insight and value from its most valuable resource - data. It’s a fact that better insight leads to enhanced decision-making but for many of today’s organisations, making the optimum use of the vast amounts of information they collect is keeping everyone from the C suite down awake at night.

Gaining insight from customer data is key to success

Organisations are capturing information but are often unable to utilise it effectively. For many, the issue lies with old, inflexible systems (and even older analytics tools). These make collating and interrogating data from a vast number of sources hugely problematic as well as time-consuming and expensive. In the past, customer information tended to be more standard and mainly held in spreadsheets and documents. Now it can encompass social media posts – twitter, Facebook, Instagram, videos and texts as well as more traditional media. 

World class SAS analytics with assured Sopra Steria execution capability

   Sopra Steria empowers its clients to rapidly transform its data analytics capability. How? By empowering them to take advantage of the world-class analytics technologies from SAS analytics. SAS is the market leading global analytics organisation, with its software found within almost all of the world’s largest and most successful organisations. Sopra Steria works in partnership with SAS to deliver high quality data and analytics solutions with SAS at the core, to deliver assured outcomes that meet customer ambitions.

Make better decisions even faster

What makes Sopra Steria unique is its ability to wrap specialist data services around SAS technology to deliver an assured analytics outcome. How does it do this? By leveraging its deep understanding of data and analytics built up over more than 40 years across the private and public sector. Sopra Steria combines its leading data and analytics capability with cutting edge SAS software to help its many clients tap into their valuable customer data, solve their complex business problems and make better decisions faster than ever before.

Recognised by leading analytics organisation SAS

Sopra Steria was awarded SAS Gold Partner in 2016 and was delighted to be named 2017 Partner of the Year for both the UK and Ireland as well as the South West Europe region at the SAS Annual Global Forum. This clearly demonstrates our ability and capability in both large scale and more niche SAS implementations.

Specialist SAS technology solutions to meet every requirement

Sopra Steria offers a range of SAS solutions that meet the needs of its clients, no matter their size and budget. We work with established players as well as new entrants, helping them to gain maximum value from their customer data to drive strategic change and enable better decision-making. We provide a broad range of flexible and scalable solutions that grown according to business need. Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise level SAS technology with data and analytics technology
  • SAS on demand – for smaller organisations to use on a ‘pay as you go’ basis


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