Safe Dig

Utility plans showing the location of underground services that ensures engineering, repair and construction work can proceed safely

Supporting efficient street works

Utilities companies, telecoms companies and specialist utilities and infrastructure providers often undertake projects, programmes and initiatives that require engineering, repair and construction work that have an impact on public assets like roads and carriageways.

Prior to undertaking excavation works organisations need to collate a set of Utility Plans or ‘Safe Dig’ drawings to show the location of any underground services, like gas or water pipes. If the field operative does not have the relevant information on arrival at a work site, they cannot continue – with organisations incurring avoidable costs and potential penalties for every aborted job.

How we can help?

Our solution provides companies with an assurance of an effective and efficient service. You can specify the location, scale and urgency for the Safe Dig documentation. Safe Dig enables you to prioritise requirements to ensure you receive the documentation within required timescales. Once the request is received, our team remotely interrogates the utility data relating to the specified location and identifies underground assets present. This information is then compiled into a drawing pack to the required scale.

Reaping the benefits

Our Safe Dig solution can deliver tangible cost savings with continuous improvement for Safe Dig and Utility support work:

  • Reduced back office costs and improved efficiency in the transactional processing
  • Fast high quality service driven by metrics
  • Scalable service with low risk transition
  • Electronic drawing files – drawings can be accessed in the office or in the field via mobile devices
  • Robust management information system and analytics support informed decision making

What makes us different?

We are already delivering our solution to a number of clients and the results speak for themselves:

  • Quality performance @ 99.99% – zero job aborts leads to near zero rework and zero penalties
  • 100% achievement of turnaround time for emergency works (30 minutes to complete the transaction), reducing repeat contacts
  • Utility matrix: a one-step unique solution for creating Safe Dig Packs that provides details of the utilities and utility companies in a specific geography. This has reduced search times from three minutes to just 30 seconds
  • Hold reduction process: reduces the need to pass requirements back to the client team, improving closure rate and reducing hand off by 43%
  • Flexible resource pool providing up to 18 hours of coverage and fast turnaround vs standard UK working hours
  • Ability to scale up services as and when required due to pliable offshore resource pool – 75% staff cross skilled

To learn more about Safe Dig and how it might benefit your business please contact us