Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport

Providing the skills, capabilities and experience which enable our travel and transport customers to deliver their digital transformation strategies.

To make the right transport choices, your users need the right information…

Transport links are essential for economic growth and for communities to remain connected. Rail, Road, Air, Bus, and Ferry transport services are central to the success of business, education, healthcare, social and recreational pursuits.

Responding to the different requirements of these customer groups is a challenge for any transport or travel company operator. Additionally with climate change firmly on the agenda, it is not just customers that travel and transport company’s need to keep happy. They have to report back the impact of their industry to government organisations who are keen to reduce the environmental footprint of travel and transport companies, putting further pressure on your business.

Sopra Steria puts users at the heart of intelligent transport solutions

Running a transport network or being a major travel operator is no easy task. Constantly evolving technology solutions, innovation from inside and outside the sector, and making sure customers have access to the most convenient travel experience possible is seriously challenging.

At Sopra Steria we understand that easy and convenient public transportation services are increasingly important, reflecting demographic changes, growing congestion and the rising importance of climate change mitigation. To overcome these challenges and remain competitive Transport and Travel operators must embrace digital transformation strategies, which help them integrate systems, exploit data and improve business decision making. Only by embracing ‘digital’ can Transport and Travel operators optimise the availability, reliability and security of their transport networks.

At Sopra Steria we have over 50 years’ experience in implementing technology solutions which help our Transport and Travel customers achieve their IT and business objectives. By having a deep understanding of your industry we can provide a range of services to help our clients meet their unique environmental, customer, and safety challenges. These services include consultancy traveller management systems, geographic information systems, multi-modal hub transformation and the optimisation of transport systems.

By working with you to understand your unique business challenges we are able to maximise the value of legacy applications and data, take the risk out of cloud computing and help your applications deliver the right experience for employees and customers.

  • We combine pragmatism, innovation and in-depth knowledge of your business
  • Our approach delivers real-time information that improves service quality
  • We interconnect the systems of various transport modes
  • We make mobile solutions accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Our transport systems are safer, with efficient crisis management
  • We offer efficient urban transport networks for a ‘greener’ trip
Our offerings

Urban traffic optimisation and Highways management

We design, develop and support integrated, unified platforms that centralise intelligent transport systems – as well as traffic, public transport information, and multi-modal route advisory systems.


Real-time passenger information

Our multi-modal journey planner enables real-time travel information for road, rail, bus, taxi and pedestrian journeys to be accessed via mobile devices. We can also plan and implement on-board customer information systems to provide travellers with real-time information and improved travel planning capabilities.


Taxi and parking management

Our RFID technology solutions can track and contact every taxi around Heathrow, Paris, Geneva and Lyon airports. It assigns them to the right pick-up point at the right time, minimising customer and taxi waiting times, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.


Rail traffic management

We can modernise your operational processes and traffic management/timetabling systems – while optimising the management of rail traffic.



We can manage your critical business applications handling customer information, bookings and flight references.


System Integration

We can provide end to end system integration solutions that enable the delivery of IT services aligned with your business objectives.

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Data and analytics

We help to unlock the value of data and information across your transport organisation, driving improved decision making, better reporting and improved customer transport options.

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Transforming traditional technology

Overcome legacy technology challenges and realise value from your existing IT estate through our cloud, security, application management and API integration expertise.

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We can help you simplify and accelerate your cloud strategy by building, deploying and managing workloads in multi-cloud environments, integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

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App manage

Application management

Develop, improve and deliver high-performing, user-focused applications by taking advantage of our digital transformation resources, automation tools and industry leading management methodologies.

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Protect critical applications and data, and recover from breaches or failures with purpose built capabilities that prevent cyber-attacks and rapidly recover IT.

A successful digital transformation strategy will depend on travel and transport operators understanding their customers end to end journeys and how digital systems can affect that journey positively. Understanding technology and its impact across different operating systems will help travel and transport operators to unlock true business value. From sensors on assets to enable condition based supply chains though to Mobility as a Service (MaaS) multi modal ticketing and system integration, travel and transport operators can decrease operating costs, provide easy and convenient transport options to customers and reduce their impact on the environment.

Peter Curtis – Director of Transport

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