We bring the experience, skills and capabilities needed for retail organisations to deliver their ‘digital first’ strategy.

The digital revolution has accelerated transformation within the retail sector…

Customer shopping habits are changing, online and in-store experiences have to be seamless, competition is becoming more dynamic and employees need to deliver better customer service than ever before. Pure digital retailers are opening physical stores, and traditional retailers need to excel in their online approach. Whichever type of retail business you are, the challenge is to create a frictionless omnichannel shopping experience that supports and inspires customers however they choose to shop. To fulfil their ambition retailers must be able to access end to end digital capabilities and skills across their business.

Sopra Steria can help you define the right digital transformation roadmap

For digital transformation to succeed, retailers need to balance the basics, plan for the future and identify opportunities for innovation. Any programmes of change must be aligned with clear business goals and have the ability to be integrated in store, online and throughout the supply chain. For retailers to achieve their digital transformation goals solutions must be scalable, adaptable and rapidly operational within the wider retail ecosystem.

Working as a strategic partner to retailers, Sopra Steria offers all these capabilities. We guide our clients through the transformation of their business models, covering the processes, technology and data required to achieve change. By applying our domain, digital, customer and technology expertise we’re able to help retailers define the right digital transformation roadmap based on their strategy. Then, when it comes to execution, we make sure you achieve your IT, financial and business goals whilst controlling costs and improving the customer shopping experience.

Our mission is to help you become the preferred brand in your market by stimulating innovation throughout your value chain. As a genuine innovator in the retail market, we provide end-to-end solutions that combine our consulting vision and practical delivery expertise. By using a vision to value approach we enhance the customer shopping experience, unleash the potential of your brand and give you access to the skills, systems and capabilities you need to enable long-term, sustainable, profitable growth.


  • We help retailers to be fit for the future
  • We make the most of the data you have to bring value to your business
  • We help to reduce the cost of ongoing business operations
  • Our customer focus and culture are truly differentiating
  • We help you grow market share and retain the competitive edge
  • We’re digital innovators, enabling our clients’ transformation programmes
Our offerings

System Integration

We can provide end to end system integration solutions that enable the delivery of IT services aligned with your business objectives.

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Data and analytics

We help to unlock the value of data and information across your retail organisation, driving improved decision making, better reporting and improved customer loyalty programmes.

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Transforming traditional technology

Overcome legacy technology challenges and realise value from your existing IT estate through our cloud, security, application management and API integration expertise.

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We can help you simplify and accelerate your cloud strategy by building, deploying and managing workloads in multi-cloud environments, integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

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Application Management

Application management

Develop, improve and deliver high-performing, user-focused applications by taking advantage of our digital transformation resources, automation tools and industry leading management methodologies.

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Protect critical applications and data, and recover from breaches or failures with purpose built capabilities that prevent cyber-attacks and rapidly recover IT.

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Digital Transformation

We can help you combine all the right ingredients for a successful digital transformation strategy – User Experience, Robotics, BI, AI, Analytics and Mobility to enable a great omnichannel shopping experience for your customers, empowered employees and a smooth supply chain.

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Human R

HR Transformation as a Service

Running a retail business with thousands of employees can be difficult. Our HR as a Service offering reduces complex people and system processes and delivers a cost effective and outcome driven HR function.

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It is no secret that the UK retail sector is under immense pressure. Many retailers are finding themselves caught in a perfect storm of rising operational costs, changing customer shopping behaviours, supply chains not integrated with the wider business and a range of online business models disrupting the traditional marketplace.

To overcome these challenges, retailers need to fully commit to transforming their business models through a digital first strategy. By being committed to practical programmes of change through digital transformation, will they be able to fulfil the potential of their brands, keep customers loyal, retain the right staff and deliver long term growth for their investors.

Adam Trott – Head of Retail

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