Local Government

Local Government

Working to digitise citizen-led services across local government departments


We help realise the tangible benefits for local government from taking a pragmatic digital-first approach to citizen services


We understand the need to enhance service convenience and ultimately deliver a great customer experience for citizens with end-to-end digital transformation.

Our user-centric approach allows us to help you reimagine your service delivery and citizen engagement. We work with you to maintain or improve service quality, making the technology work for the benefit of your business and customers, not technology for ‘technology’s sake’.

We are part of your team from the start, taking a consulting-led approach to help you identify the problem you are trying to solve and to build momentum and secure buy-in from stakeholders to deliver change.


Our digital transformation methodology combines:

  • service design bespoke to our clients and their citizens
  • business transformation to manage organisational and cultural change
  • leveraging legacy and digital technologies
  • working flexibly within the delivery framework to demonstrate outcomes quickly



Our offerings

Digital Service Design

We use our service design and UX expertise to help you redesign high volume or challenging customer journeys. We create highly effective digital services, while leveraging the digital technology that is already available to you.

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Leverage the Legacy

We deliver new digital architecture and platforms that make the most of existing systems, and integrate them to provide a consistent and seamless experience for customers and employees.

operating models and digital council

Operating Models and Digital Council

We define new operating models and deliver operational excellence, focusing on people, process and technology – helping councils become digital organisations.



An immersive workshop over several days aimed at solving critical challenges. We work together to refine and develop solutions.


Cultural Change Management

We help employees embrace new digital technologies as well as collaborative and agile ways of working.


The council of the future

| Becky Davis

Half an hour outside of London in Hertfordshire, a digital experiment is underway which could form a blueprint for the future of public services. Broxbourne Borough Council serves just under 100,000 people but it has emerged as a leading innovator in digital services.

Photo of public, private and share button's

Five significant public sector trends

We are told that government is transforming itself. The public sector is changing into a ‘public purpose’ sector. More of the service outcomes we expect should be co-produced, across complex delivery chains, which are more connected and collaborative. Success often depends on nudging the behaviours of citizens, communities and businesses.

Photo of adults using desktop computers

Sopra Steria gets involved in National Get Online Week

Sopra Steria employee volunteers have been at libraries in the London Borough of Harrow this week to help library users learn how to use the internet and technology in their everyday lives, all in support of National Get Online Week, a UK-wide campaign to raise awareness of and take practical action on digital exclusion.

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Business Unit Director - Local Government