Legal Services

Legal Services

We bring the experience, skills and capabilities legal firms need to transform their business operations and overcome the technology, customer and professional skills challenges they are facing in a changing and progressive market.

How do you keep pace with change in an ever-evolving global market?

The legal services market is set to see increased levels of disruption as competitor, customer and professional skill demands evolve at pace. These pressures are causing many legal services firms to examine their existing IT infrastructure, business processes, customer relationships and day to day operating models.

Sopra Steria’s IT and technology services enable legal organisations to discover, design and adopt new business models and put in place customer centric strategies with a ‘digital’ mindset at the heart of it.

The services we provide help legal services firms to realise the benefits of integrated disparate IT systems, reduce technical debt of legacy technology and give lawyers access to the data and information they need to help their clients solve legal problems in quicker timeframes.

Sopra Steria is future-focused

Sopra Steria has a deep understanding of the legal services industry and the challenges all organisations are facing in this changing and disrupted market. Our industry experts are able to advise, design, deploy and manage your technology and IT services to help you deliver better customer experiences, empower your staff and make sure you stay one step of the competition.

By using our consultants knowledge, proven IT services and industrialised programme delivery processes, Sopra Steria can help legal services firms to achieve their business and digital transformation goals by:

  • Helping you understand how your legacy systems can enable and enrich your digital transformation programmes
  • Establishing and developing a pragmatic IT roadmap which enables successful traditional technology transformation outcomes
  • Providing simplified processes and clear programmes of work to change IT and technology from an inhibitor to an enabler for your organisation
  • Understanding the complexity of disparate IT systems which need to be integrated across different business units for improved operational efficiencies
  • Helping you understand where your data is stored, managed and used to give you better customer and business insights
  • Giving you access to our highly skilled and experienced workforce who can help you unlock the value of technology in your organisation and enable you to provide better client and employee experiences
Our offerings

System Integration

We can provide end to end system integration solutions that enable the delivery of IT services aligned with your business objectives

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Transforming traditional technology

Overcome legacy technology challenges and realise value from your existing IT estate through our cloud, security, mainframe, application management and API integration expertise.

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We can help you simplify and accelerate your cloud strategy by building, deploying and managing workloads in multi-cloud environments, integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

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Mainframe Modernisation

Accelerate your growth with high-performing mainframe solutions that keep your clients data safe and your legal services available.

Application Management

Application management

Develop, improve and deliver high-performing, user-focused applications by taking advantage of our digital transformation resources, automation tools and industry leading management methodologies.

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Protect critical applications and data, and recover from breaches or failures with purpose built capabilities that prevent cyber-attacks and rapidly recover IT.



Work with the industry’s most innovative technology start up’s to overcome your biggest business challenges.

AI and Intelligent Automation

AI and Intelligent Automation

AI and Intelligent Automation - Delighting customers with exciting new experiences, transforming company performance and generating new business efficiencies and opportunities.

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Data and analytics

We help to unlock the value of data and information across your organisation, driving improved decision making, better regulatory reporting and consistent billing outcomes for your customers. 

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The legal services market is going through a period of disruption and evolution due to increased client expectation levels, employees wanting to be empowered to work from anywhere/anytime and increasing competitor pressures through innovative business models and large global players entering new markets.

At Sopra Steria we believe legal services firms have a real opportunity to evaluate, modernise and re-imagine their technology infrastructure to truly enable customer centric strategies, structures, and processes to be built through digital transformation programmes of work.

Barry Fazackerley, Head of Insurance, Legal Services, Wealth & Asset Management

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Head of Insurance, Legal Services, Wealth & Asset Management


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