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Bringing the experience, skills, and capabilities needed to help financial regulatory bodies fulfil their mission of keeping the UK financial services market honest, fair and effective.

The pressure’s on for the UK financial services market…

UK financial service regulatory organisations are responsible for supervising a fast changing marketplace. Changing business models, new ways of working, increasing market participants and how the whole financial services system interacts are impacting the role technology and IT services have to play. It means regulators have to strike a balance between financial market stability and the desire to promote innovation and competition.

Sopra Steria does more than speak your language

We have a distinct set of services to help our regulatory customers achieve their goals around market stability and innovation. We work with the UK Financial Service regulators to develop, manage and deliver digital solutions aligned to organisational objectives. With over 50 years’ experience in Financial Services, we know how to use proven methodologies to design, manage and deliver organisational transformation.

Whatever type of financial services or insurance organisation you are – bank or challenger bank, insurer or reinsurer – we’ve been there. We understand the many regulatory nuances involved within each different area of the financial sector, and we apply our specialist knowledge to create credible strategic solutions that bring growth and operational efficiency to each type of business.

We’re risk aware, people first and future focused.

  • We enable greater interoperability of legacy technology
  • Our cloud technologies deliver improved agility and better reporting
  • We can help you increase the consistency of service delivery levels
  • Our automation frees staff to concentrate on more strategic programmes of work
  • We safeguard financial systems from evolving risks
  • We provide access to skills, tools and data science techniques that improve productivity
Our offerings

System integration

We can provide end-to-end system integration solutions that enable the delivery of IT services aligned with your organisational objectives.

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Data and analytics

We can help you unlock the value of data and information across your organisation, driving improved decision making, better reporting and improved management information guidelines.

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Transforming traditional technology

Overcome your legacy technology challenges and realise value from your existing IT estate through our cloud, security, mainframe, application management and API integration expertise.

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We can help you simplify and accelerate your cloud strategy by building, deploying and managing workloads in multi-cloud environments, integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

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Mainframe modernisation

Process millions of records with millisecond response times, hybrid cloud deployment, and performance that scales when required.

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Application Management

Application management

Develop, improve and deliver high-performing, user-focused applications by taking advantage of our digital transformation resources, automation tools and industry leading management methodologies.

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Protect critical applications and data, and recover from breaches or failures with purpose built capabilities that prevent cyber-attacks and rapidly recover IT.

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At Sopra Steria, we understand for UK financial services markets to work well, competitively and fairly they need to be designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including customers, staff and shareholders. As the UK financial services market is changing at a rapid rate, ensuring the right regulation is in place alongside a robust technology infrastructure is critical to regulatory and market success.

By working with Sopra Steria, regulatory organisations can access the right skills, tools and technologies to help them mitigate risks, understand market performance, make adjustments and stimulate opportunities across the ever changing UK financial services market.

Rob McElroy - Managing Director, Financial Services

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