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Thrive or survive – the smart money’s on forward-thinking businesses

Banks and building societies in the UK are undergoing a significant cycle of transformational change. They need to quickly adapt, change and respond to digitally-enabled services, new market entrants, a changing regulatory environment and customers demanding more personalised, accessible, and instantaneous services. Achieving these digital transformation objectives is critical if these businesses wish to thrive, as opposed to merely survive…

Sopra Steria can help you get ahead and stay ahead

At Sopra Steria, we work with banks and building societies across the UK to develop, deliver and optimise their digital strategy aligned to business objectives. With over 50 years’ experience in Financial Services, our proven capabilities enable the design, management and delivery of business transformation.

We put people first, which means we never recommend a solution without consulting with you. Only by clarifying how your business is run and navigating through the challenges and opportunities you’re facing can we define and design a solution that will achieve your ideal business outcomes.

Sopra Steria can provide the right people and capabilities to help you get where you need to be. From modernising legacy systems to cloud migration and beyond, we enable banks and building societies to achieve their technology and business goals.

  • We join up your business and technology strategies
  • We can improve payment infrastructures and quickly respond to regulatory demands
  • Our cloud technologies enable improved agility and faster innovation cycles
  • We can help you increase the consistency of service delivery levels
  • Our automation frees staff to concentrate on more strategic programmes of work
  • We safeguard financial systems from evolving risks
  • We provide access to data science techniques that improve customer service
Our offerings

System Integration

We can provide end to end system integration solutions which enable the delivery of IT services aligned with your business objectives.

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Data and analytics

We help to unlock the value of data and information across your organisation, driving improved decision making, better reporting and compliance with regulatory standards. 

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Transforming traditional technology

Overcome legacy technology challenges and realise value from your existing IT estate through our cloud, security, mainframe, application management and API integration expertise.

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We can help you simplify and accelerate your cloud strategy by building, deploying and managing workloads in multi-cloud environments, integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

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Mainframe modernisation

Accelerate your growth with high-performing mainframe solutions that keep your customers data safe and your banking services available.

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App manage

Application management

Develop, improve and deliver high-performing, user-focused applications by taking advantage of our digital transformation resources, automation tools and industry leading management methodologies.

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Protect critical applications and data, and recover from breaches or failures with purpose built capabilities that prevent cyber-attacks and rapidly recover IT.

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Work with the industry’s most innovative fintechs to overcome your biggest business challenges.

Banks and building societies in the UK are in a cycle of intense change. The shift to digitally-enabled services, new market entrants, a changing regulatory environment and customers demanding more personalised, accessible, and instantaneous services means they need to have systems, processes and people available to respond to these challenges.

By working with Sopra Steria, banks and building societies can access the right skills, tools and technologies to serve the growing digital economy, support major transitional programmes and safeguard their systems from evolving business and technology risks.

Rob McElroy, Managing Director - Financial Services

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Managing Director - Financial Services


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