Managing risk and regulation with FinTech

Using compliant components is crucial in an environment where regulation is only going to get tougher

There are many pitfalls for established players or new entrants looking to incorporate FinTech with legacy or established technologies

Which are safe and robust? Which are more risky and likely to fail? Perhaps more importantly, which are compliant with current (and future) regulations? 

In an environment where regulation is only going to get increasingly complex – using compliant components is crucial. Getting ‘it’ right can mean gaining new customers and increasing marketing share. Getting ‘it’ wrong can be disastrous, damaging customer bases, reputations as well as the bottom line.

Re-imagine services to deliver a more compelling experience

Traditionally increased regulation has been seen as additional ‘administration’ or perhaps as an inconvenient or costly ‘box ticking’ exercise. However new regulation can act as a catalyst for change, delivering opportunities to adopt new technologies and ways of working. Organisations that embrace regulation and see it as a way to embed modernisation and differentiation understand that it can significantly increase their ability to deliver a more compelling customer experience within a streamlined and agile business operation.  

Introducing our FinTech ‘sandpit’ to assess the ‘art of the possible’

Sopra Steria has become one of first Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners to achieve AWS ’Financial Services Competency. We have created a safe and secure cloud based ‘sandpit’ in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to experiment with new technologies from both large well-established organisations as well as small or emerging operations. 

The sandpit also enables us to safely on-board new financial solutions into the cloud to evaluate their performance whilst also trialling and developing fresh and innovative ideas in a realistic environment.

Come and play in our sandpit

Best of all, our ‘sandpit’ enables our clients learn about and play with new technologies in an agile and iterative way so they can assess the ‘art of the possible’ and dream about new ways of meeting customer needs. This ability to play without risking corporate platforms and to consider new products and services is a major asset when looking to engage new markets or customers.